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Sky white. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream sky white. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

scan the sky 88
Meaning of the dream: indecision about what to do

see the sky heavenly 88
Description: useful meetings

hazy sky 15
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and sadness

blue sky 43
Translation: extraordinary meetings

dark sky 40
Dream description: unexpressed desires

red sky 4
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

rainy sky 83
Translation of the dream: secure progress

sky with moon 45
Interpretation: penalty, wrongful conviction

cloudy sky 49
Sense of the dream: obstacles in the profession

grey sky 80
What does it mean: love uncertain

starless sky 20
Meaning of the dream: bad news

fig white 10
Description: dissatisfactions at work

clear sky 50
Interpretation of the dream: business that are successful

sky 3
Translation: you desire to find perfect happiness

impression of flying looking at the sky 18
Dream description: your ideas are good and will earn you a lot of money, honesty

fall from the sky 86
Meaning: errors of assessment

remnant white 84
Translation of the dream: incoming letter

fly to the sky 41
Interpretation: very profitable activity

white chickpea 8
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

corsage white 82
What does it mean: joys sentimental

white jasmine 25
Meaning of the dream: happy hours and serene

Jaguar white 17
Description: changes underway

Cheetah white 41
Interpretation of the dream: maturity acquired

white jag 34
Translation: sexual desire

starry sky 4
Dream description: unexpected gains

balm white 31
Meaning: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

white alabaster 45
Translation of the dream: victories

beam falling from the sky 5
Interpretation: victory over their enemies

shooting star from the sky 55
Sense of the dream: disaster

white gallon 65
What does it mean: new ideas and changes in work

white bow 7
Meaning of the dream: malevolent judgments

stars falling from the sky 15
Description: fall of a house

petals falling from the sky 72
Interpretation of the dream: next falling in love

cod in white 67
Translation: excellent earnings

leather white 1
Dream description: bitter experience

herd white 27
Meaning: death of a relative

apparatus white 79
Translation of the dream: poor relations

flashes or signs in the sky 15
Interpretation: discord, war

grain white 87
Sense of the dream: you want to win at all costs a challenge

White cotton 2
What does it mean: safe location

white velvet 29
Meaning of the dream: requited love

cluster white 25
Description: good news soon

white ghost 90
Interpretation of the dream: extra earnings

white soap 28
Translation: economic improvements

Airline with the gloomy sky 13
Dream description: Good news by close relatives

white die 78
Meaning: Useful relations

cloud over the sky 55
Translation of the dream: goodwill

wax white 85
Interpretation: reckless exuberance

White Ox 17
Sense of the dream: right introspection

ox white 77
What does it mean: money well earned

watermelon white 13
Meaning of the dream: need of rest