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Skip a birthday party. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream skip a birthday party. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

birthday gift 77
Meaning of the dream: economic hardship

birthday invite 65
Description: in reality no cure your person

birthday day 52
Interpretation of the dream: discomforts passengers

toast for a birthday 78
Translation: evidence of affection

congratulations for a birthday 8
Dream description: physical exuberance

skip the ditches 87
Meaning: public vilification

birthday dance 5
Translation of the dream: confidence to be accorded

wishes for birthday 6
Interpretation: realization of credits

celebrate a birthday 44
Sense of the dream: peaceful and serene life

Skip 78
What does it mean: sense of proportion

dancing at a party 2
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

action at a party 2
Description: right introspection

lady at a party 36
Interpretation of the dream: successes

start the party 77
Translation: dangerous temptations

enliven a party 71
Dream description: Excessive confidence

party 20
Meaning: yearn for fun

plan a party 62
Translation of the dream: critically

attend a party 24
Interpretation: well directed actions

organize a carnival party 45
Sense of the dream: emotional ties in danger

give up a party 22
What does it mean: scrupulousness in work

Ambassador at a party 7
Meaning of the dream: you are doing something wrong at work

Eighteenth birthday 22
Description: you think you've got what you deserved

crowded party 41
Interpretation of the dream: the problems will be overcome

people in party 76
Translation: pleasant meeting

family party 60
Dream description: status uncertain

party at church 37
Meaning: succession next

congratulations for a party 23
Translation of the dream: impending problems

dance party 14
Interpretation: originality and impatience

organize a party 87
Sense of the dream: emotional states

Halloween party 35
What does it mean: period of instability

approaching feast 49
Meaning of the dream: dangerous infirmity

private party 77
Description: lack of practicality

returning from a party 38
Interpretation of the dream: violent emotions

organizing party 44
Translation: presumption exaggerated

Communion party 14
Dream description: discovery of a secret of others

party boat 60
Meaning: negotiations and agreements

adhere to a party 18
Translation of the dream: vanity

cheering party 23
Interpretation: harmful excesses

be in a party and dance 53
Sense of the dream: joy and earnings

Queen of a party 74
What does it mean: physical exuberance

Church set up a party 15
Meaning of the dream: big joys coming

join a party 13
Description: favors required

liven up a party 16
Interpretation of the dream: lucky in love

anniversary 16
Translation: hopes fulfilled

National holiday 70
Dream description: love of money

ecclesiastical party 37
Meaning: gained notoriety

military party 24
Translation of the dream: brilliant success

expelled from party 5
Interpretation: new exciting ideas

masked party 9
Sense of the dream: crushes

party train 10
What does it mean: action by trade

celebrate an anniversary 23
Meaning of the dream: confidence misplaced

wedding feast 13
Description: skirmishes of love