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Skiing in fresh snow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream skiing in fresh snow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

skiing 66

skiing on the mountain 38
Description: actions confusing

amateur in skiing 88

snow 17
Translation: for a farmer, abundant harvest. for others, substantial gains in labor

see snow 78
Dream description: unexpected novelty

much snow 10

little snow 67

alps with snow 16
Interpretation: struggles to deal

vintage snow 64
Sense of the dream: manic depression

flock of snow 29
What does it mean: emotional shallowness

snow storm 72
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding in love

walking on snow 41
Description: provocations by subject

campaign with snow 75
Interpretation of the dream: economic improvement

Cyclone snow 39
Translation: change of situation

ice or snow 4
Dream description: prosperity in your business

mountains with snow 82
Meaning: major help

powdery snow 84
Translation of the dream: momentary whim

frozen snow 70
Interpretation: doubts tormenting

dirty snow 4
Sense of the dream: discretion and prudence

Snow piled 88
What does it mean: satisfactions and gains

snow off season 90
Meaning of the dream: windfall gains

falling snow 56
Description: unexpected novelty

the amount of snow 71
Interpretation of the dream: enmities with women

roll in the snow 8
Translation: favors denied

sliding on the snow 7
Dream description: coldness in love

road with snow 85
Meaning: hard time

crawling on the snow 20
Translation of the dream: physical discomfort

snow avalanche 51
Interpretation: impressionability and nervousness

chilled by snow 36

bank of snow 2

January with snow 27

Snow day 22

winter Snow 18

footprint in the snow 67

amassing snow 9

Hood Snow 54

flocking snow 29

ditch with snow 78

mass of snow 12

mountain snow 60

snow on the ground 57

deep snow 65

shovelful of snow 89

Snow sull orma 67
Translation: inner conflicts

snow-covered mountain 7
Dream description: Please obtained

frozen to death in the snow 65

fresh anchovy 13
Translation of the dream: quarrels

fresh garlic 61
Interpretation: cheerfulness unjustified

fresh air 17
Sense of the dream: prosperity in family

fresh butter 11
What does it mean: missteps

fresh chestnuts 61
Meaning of the dream: exceptional news

fresh grass 1
Description: tips to follow

fresh beans 7
Interpretation of the dream: lucky business

fresh flowers 72
Translation: unforeseen circumstances

fresh cheese 20
Dream description: just aspirations

fresh fruit 59
Meaning: suffering constant

fresh milk 44
Translation of the dream: wellness and health

cheeks fresh 51
Interpretation: prosperity

fresh lard 52
Sense of the dream: time lucky

fresh walnuts 11
What does it mean: tenacious rancor

fresh bread 27
Meaning of the dream: skills in business

fresh pasta 21
Description: great satisfaction

fresh peppers 57
Interpretation of the dream: intentions swinging

fresh fish 10
Translation: wonderful surprise

fresh peas 38
Dream description: proposals to sift

fresh tomatoes 11
Meaning: good health

fresh plums 36
Translation of the dream: solid friendships

fresh from prison 78
Interpretation: meetings welcome

fresh sausage 5
Sense of the dream: professional envy

fresh sardines 7
What does it mean: unjustified fears

fresh cuttlefish 72
Meaning of the dream: contradictory attitudes

fresh tuna 17
Description: pride and impulsiveness

fresh clover 1
Interpretation of the dream: tips to follow

fresh eggs 71
Translation: good opportunities

fresh wind 45
Dream description: availability of money

fresh face 75
Meaning: surprising conclusions

fresh egg 53
Translation of the dream: you ll get some good news

fresh water 22

fresh meat 55

fresh onion 75

fresh fig 7

fresh fillet 87

fresh fried 51

fresh mushroom 4

fresh corn 74

fresh harangue 15

fresh grain 14

fresh donut 11

fresh currant 60

fresh hazelnut 52

fresh provolone 17

crumple fresh grapes 37
Description: realizations

things not fresh or sour 36
Interpretation of the dream: small disputes

eat fresh cheese 18
Translation: death