Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sketch in plaster

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sketch in plaster

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88 sketch in plaster
happy marriage

16 sketch
willingness constructive

53 sketch a sculpture
dangerous business

60 sketch in clay
attention to debt

44 sketch in wax
loss of property

16 sketch a painting
decision constructive

17 sketch a wall
momentary embarrassment

5 plaster
small malaise

84 plaster bust
happiness in love

21 plaster cast
unexpected support

41 plaster column
illusion of love

88 mix plaster
Revenge will not make

63 crib of plaster
activity on the rise

40 plaster with glass
nice trip

11 crumbling plaster
Good news

11 sketching a drawing
will constructive

35 fitting plastic
bitter experiences

5 plastic funnel
problems of short duration

36 plastic bucket
enmities hidden

57 plastic cup
economic interests

43 crochet plastic
of tension