Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sketch in clay

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sketch in clay

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sketch in clay 60
attention to debt

sketch 16
willingness constructive

sketch a sculpture 53
dangerous business

sketch in plaster 88
happy marriage

sketch in wax 44
loss of property

sketch a painting 16
decision constructive

sketch a wall 17
momentary embarrassment

clay 61
You have false views

clay bust 29
healthy insights

work clay 20
gain for workers

mold clay 21
successful efforts

Clay Statue 12
clear ideas and decided

working with clay 19
envy masked

clay pipe 27
laborious negotiations

sculpt in clay 26
extravagant spending

clay pot 67
concerns for the future

carousel with clay balls 78

clay piggy bank 78

sketching a drawing 11
will constructive

Color sketches 40

Marble sketches 87

sketches of landscapes 40

terracotta sketches 50

sketches on canvas 4