Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sketch a design

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sketch a design

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sketch 16
willingness constructive

sketch a sculpture 53
dangerous business

sketch in plaster 88
happy marriage

sketch in clay 60
attention to debt

sketch in wax 44
loss of property

sketch a painting 16
decision constructive

sketch a wall 17
momentary embarrassment

to design 4
try your luck in unsuitable location

Design a room 53
complications in family

design a crime 47
danger of leakage

design a theft 56
dangerous hazards

design a building 89
unnecessary fears

school design 73
rights to be defended

design festival 22

design a lottery 58

sketching a drawing 11
will constructive

mark designs 35
submission in business

designate 41
threads for interest

designate a successor 27
threads for interest

designate a substitute 66
sudden sympathy

designate an heir 44
small loss

designate a prize 24
fruitful initiatives

dress designer 66
good news

designed puppet 48
physical fatigue

Color sketches 40

Marble sketches 87

sketches of landscapes 40

terracotta sketches 50

sketches on canvas 4

yet designed 25

by designer folder 9

designing lunch 13

designing a walk 63