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Skeleton coffin dead people. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream skeleton coffin dead people. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

skeleton 23
Meaning of the dream: project or situation is not yet fully developed

skeleton walking 61
Description: the pain of separation

skeleton speaking 82
Interpretation of the dream: open struggle in family

find skeleton 46
Translation: depression

fish skeleton 51
Dream description: unrealizable projects

skeleton of a quadruped 20
Meaning: tendency to isolation

animal skeleton 28
Translation of the dream: lie discovery

coffin with the dead 17
Interpretation: dangerous changes

skeleton of man 54
Sense of the dream: serious concerns

Skeleton Skull 19
What does it mean: embarrassment for cheating

empty coffin 31
Meaning of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

overturned coffin 50
Description: dangerous follies

carry the coffin 6
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstanding in the family

coffin 4
Translation: womb

white coffin 42
Dream description: healthcare long

coffin in church 16
Meaning: privileges conquered

He died in the coffin 4
Translation of the dream: family sorrows

coffin in the cemetery 90
Interpretation: confidences dangerous

corpse in the coffin 66
Sense of the dream: ties that melt

pray coffin of a relative 4
What does it mean: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

torch near a coffin 2
Meaning of the dream: sad events

be in a coffin 13
Description: pleasant change

people wait 47
Interpretation of the dream: limited economic possibilities

happy people 56
Translation: a lot of movement

dead squirrel 23
Dream description: easy conquest

dead birds 6
Meaning: moral suffering

People at the station 5
Translation of the dream: weakness of character

people cast 66
Interpretation: love of neighbor

southern people 1
Sense of the dream: time of cheer

pessimistic people 70
What does it mean: you have so much strength and courage

chaining people 26
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

People filing 70
Description: misunderstandings and trouble

disturb people 64
Interpretation of the dream: new relationships

tie people 76
Translation: trouble judicial

people 30
Dream description: tranquility of mind

people who cackles 67
Meaning: sorrows and worries

scare people 54
Translation of the dream: family feud

grab people 61
Interpretation: reconciliation work

dodge people 48
Sense of the dream: awards

dead deer 40
What does it mean: unexpected aid

meet dead 90
Meaning of the dream: happy solutions

heron dead 56
Description: sweeping changes

hunchback dead 67
Interpretation of the dream: love declaration

see many people 17
Translation: health and safety

dead flowers 75
Dream description: sincere sympathies

dead cockroaches 39
Meaning: forebodings fallacious

People in church 31
Translation of the dream: high hopes

people on the street 4
Interpretation: ephemeral joys

people united 44
Sense of the dream: Company risky

People at the cinema 60
What does it mean: physical weakness

people fleeing 67
Meaning of the dream: hopes fade

panther dead 38
Description: dissimulation

people on the run 83
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

whipping people 90
Translation: danger of exploitation

haranguing the people 78
Dream description: ostentation of virtue