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Skein sewing thread. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream skein sewing thread. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

skein of thread 68
Meaning of the dream: success in love

ruffling skein 29
Description: love of neighbor

skein white 10
Interpretation of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

sewing mattresses 53
Translation: happy event

skein of cotton 34
Dream description: proof of love

wrap a skein 7
Meaning: false

cheat the skein 56
Translation of the dream: at this time we are missing the leadership

tangled skein 40
Interpretation: change surprise

unravel a skein 81
Sense of the dream: original ideas

skein of wool 71
What does it mean: tough business

sewing cloths 26
Meaning of the dream: try to put a patch on your mistakes

sewing machine 40
Description: exaggerated ambition

thimble for sewing 24
Interpretation of the dream: vain hopes

sewing trousers 36
Translation: ambition fulfilled

sewing sheets 55
Dream description: aid determinants

sewing handkerchiefs 75
Meaning: reduced activity

needleful of gold wire 14
Translation of the dream: high hopes for the future

sewing linen 42
Interpretation: self confidence

sewing shoes 90
Sense of the dream: tolerance

cotton thread 41
What does it mean: marital conflicts

Red thread 72
Meaning of the dream: desire for love

silver thread 25
Description: false promises

tangled thread 53
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

woolen thread 17
Translation: You want more freedom

hank 17
Dream description: false

strong thread 58
Meaning: hidden energy

elastic thread 55
Translation of the dream: someone in your life that bothers you

unravel a thread 30
Interpretation: discovery of secrets

sewing shirt 61
Sense of the dream: secret pleasures

sew on a button 81
What does it mean: vain search for an ideal

girl stitching 28
Meaning of the dream: important meeting

sewing curtains 9
Description: frivolity and inconstancy

thread 49
Interpretation of the dream: Your travel short but frequent

thread stockings or cotton 9
Translation: Fortunately mediocre

needleful of silver wire 3
Dream description: insecurity and inability to focus on things

gold thread 35
Meaning: successful tiring

woman sews 5
Translation of the dream: existence agitated

sewing the hem 16
Interpretation: new friends

black yarn 25
Sense of the dream: rules to be respected

needle with thread 14
What does it mean: selfishness

colored thread 31
Meaning of the dream: concerns inevitable

sewing the garment 46
Description: high hopes

Hemp yarn 77
Interpretation of the dream: important talks

white thread 8
Translation: short trip

silk thread 30
Dream description: dynamism accentuated

linen thread 59
Meaning: interesting activities

Knot the thread 10
Translation of the dream: disinterestedness

sew 42
Interpretation: suspects

cobbler stitching 39
Sense of the dream: ambitions fulfilled

hank hemp 74
What does it mean: You will face dangers or betrayal

undo a ball of yarn 17
Meaning of the dream: success in activity

colored yarn 70
Description: new turnover

sew the lining 50
Interpretation of the dream: devout resignation

sew dress 24
Translation: shyness and lack of confidence