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Size scissors animal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream size scissors animal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

size premium 30
Meaning of the dream: slanders and calumnies

scissors 8
Description: will end a business relationship or a friendship

Standing Animal 39
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected change

scissors surgeon 42
Translation: rebellions unnecessary

look scissors 58
Dream description: violent desires

blacksmith scissors 62
Meaning: you re depressed, unmotivated

use scissors 87
Translation of the dream: violent

scissors Gardener 2
Interpretation: aid to an elderly person

animal that mates 1
Sense of the dream: demonstration of loyalty in the work

large scissors 45
What does it mean: never trust placed

monstrous animal 87
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

find scissors 2
Description: confusion for too many projects

tip scissors 70
Interpretation of the dream: inner conflict

Animal footprint 24
Translation: ambition fulfilled

scissors gold 24
Dream description: secret betrayed

gall Animal 58
Meaning: Be careful in work

thigh Animal 41
Translation of the dream: prosperity

scissors do not cut 46
Interpretation: indifference sentimental

Animal neglect 52
Sense of the dream: you could avoid the grief

scissors broken 17
What does it mean: solution of a deal

Animal Female 23
Meaning of the dream: bad news

animal that escapes 24
Description: Danger averted

heart animal 28
Interpretation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

Heat an animal 45
Translation: finances increasing

animal blood 32
Dream description: lightening of weights

scissors routes 37
Meaning: moments of depression

small scissors 81
Translation of the dream: mental reservations

beat an animal 71
Interpretation: malignant insinuations

scissors of the tailor 65
Sense of the dream: original ideas

steel scissors 81
What does it mean: there is something that terrifies you

nocturnal animal 26
Meaning of the dream: concerns passing

silver scissors 22
Description: unexpected support

animal that eats 36
Interpretation of the dream: need to cling to someone

animal that flies 45
Translation: ailments passengers

sick animal 32
Dream description: unlucky in love

mammal animal 12
Meaning: You will defend someone in your family

snout animal 68
Translation of the dream: many contrasts

Animal language 28
Interpretation: discomfort and discontent

Animal step 3
Sense of the dream: concerns work

animal with children 38
What does it mean: exaggerated optimism

skunk (animal) 66
Meaning of the dream: You will enrich soon

rare animal 56
Description: projects of union

Animal skull 33
Interpretation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

animal tit 5
Translation: good business

Animal nature 40
Dream description: harmful relationships

Animal birth 60
Meaning: personal affirmation

a drowned animal 68
Translation of the dream: constancy in action

barked Animal 90
Interpretation: achieving a goal

immunize an animal 32
Sense of the dream: happy opportunity

take an animal 76
What does it mean: Danger averted

neck animal 36
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

caged animal 69
Description: small gain

drown an animal 34
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

call an animal 67
Translation: marital disagreements

Stainless steel scissors 49
Dream description: you have a few trusted friends