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Sit by the deceased. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sit by the deceased. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deceased 10
Meaning of the dream: good omen

honor a deceased 19
Description: better times

altercation with the deceased 29

crown for deceased 12

Sit 35
Dream description: safe location

sit in Abbey 45
Meaning: sudden changes

sit on his hat 7
Translation of the dream: concerns which must not be taken into account

sit in a jail 18
Interpretation: happiness

sit at wedding 53
Sense of the dream: heritage in view

sit on the hat 11
What does it mean: novelty coming

sit on a nettle 68
Meaning of the dream: slanderous gossip

sit on the bench 5
Description: need for adaptation

sit in an armchair 81
Interpretation of the dream: interview with a happy outcome

sit on the chair 46
Translation: emotional temperament

sit on the couch 19
Dream description: proposals devious

sit on the throne 37
Meaning: radical change

sit on the table 28
Translation of the dream: novelties from afar

sit on the bed 62
Interpretation: uncertainty as to overcome

sit at the counter 44
Sense of the dream: wrath

sit on the ground 13
What does it mean: Fortunately rising

sit by tram 63
Meaning of the dream: excessive emotionality

sit by train 82
Description: novelty coming

sit at the movies 51
Interpretation of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

sit at the table 27
Translation: vitality and health

sit comfortably 40
Dream description: economic difficulties

sit uncomfortably 54
Meaning: new activity

sit on a stool 34
Translation of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on the porch 70
Interpretation: good friendships

sit on a chair or armchair 84
Sense of the dream: You find ease in your business

visit academy 35
What does it mean: obstacles

say goodbye after a visit 73
Meaning of the dream: poor understanding

adapt to a situation 66
Description: protection from family

fix a situation 11
Interpretation of the dream: punishment inflicted

aggravation of situation 19
Translation: dishonor

visit sick 64
Dream description: liberation from regret

situation of distress 44
Meaning: encouraging results

nurse, nanny or babysitter 4
Translation of the dream: desire for love

deposit trunk 32
Interpretation: chimeras dangerous

visiting the sick 64
Sense of the dream: You find the means to achieve your goal

university 29
What does it mean: money

visit an abbey 55
Meaning of the dream: a woman you closer

belvedere interesting position 77
Description: projects that will launch with minimum effort

construction site 22
Interpretation of the dream: projects that fade