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Sister talk on the phone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sister talk on the phone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

talk by phone 54
Meaning of the dream: confusion of ideas

to call on the phone 87
Description: new calls to accept

answer the phone 59
Interpretation of the dream: tough business

sister alive 78
Translation: willingness stubborn

widowed sister 58
Dream description: supports secrets

talk witch 48
Meaning: disappointing experiences

talk gardener 45
Translation of the dream: Gift incoming

talk prostitute 14
Interpretation: ambiguous successes

phone 41
Sense of the dream: a little happy news overshadow the joy of the moment, but then everything will

sister of milk 23
What does it mean: new friends

hear the phone ring 8
Meaning of the dream: projects to be concluded

coin phone 48
Description: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

Sister of Charity 20
Interpretation of the dream: astuteness

phone ringtone 72
Translation: lack of affection

younger sister 28
Dream description: disagreement with her mother

sister drowned 23
Meaning: conflicts and quarrels

talk offensive 15
Translation of the dream: visit welcome

heir sister 40
Interpretation: uncertainties about the future

loving sister 15
Sense of the dream: return of money

dead sister 27
What does it mean: Good news and novelties

sister 26
Meaning of the dream: a person who loves will be of great help

subscribe to phone 33
Description: pride and pride

dubious talk 19
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulousness

sister married 13
Translation: actions inconsistent

phone recharge 78
Dream description: projects to be concluded

arrest of sister 72
Meaning: combativeness

Cordless Phone 89
Translation of the dream: Earnings unstable

stroking her sister 21
Interpretation: new forces

call her sister 81
Sense of the dream: concerns falling

imprison her sister 90
What does it mean: sorrows and worries

arrival of sister 6
Meaning of the dream: confidence and sincerity

caress her sister 4
Description: impatience environment

phone bill 18
Interpretation of the dream: business that are successful

main phone 64
Translation: need saving

older sister 30
Dream description: pride and courage

insult sister 78
Meaning: desire to escape

resemble sister 23
Translation of the dream: mental clarity

talk decorator 11
Interpretation: unrequited love

cell phone 44
Sense of the dream: concerns for the future

marry his sister 11
What does it mean: news by letter

see his sister 7
Meaning of the dream: mentality practice

change phone number 43
Description: someone annoys you

abandoned by her sister 33
Interpretation of the dream: Councils concerned

talk business 9
Translation: protection to be granted

Brother and sister of charity 20
Dream description: craftiness

telephone wire 29
Meaning: need for prudence in action

altercation with sister 27
Translation of the dream: You have regard for a person

confide to his sister 8
Interpretation: prosperity

abstract talk 8
Sense of the dream: great novelty and fortune

talk of man 40
What does it mean: exaggerated ambition

nursing sister 43
Meaning of the dream: mishaps at work

frank talk 73
Description: favorable conditions and profitable