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Sister aunt grandmother. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sister aunt grandmother. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

uncle or aunt 20
Meaning of the dream: quarrels in the family

resemble the aunt 67

heir aunt 41

look like the grandmother 82

grandfather or grandmother 50
Dream description: need sacraments

maternal grandmother 6

dead grandmother 33

paternal grandmother 18

sister 26
Sense of the dream: a person who loves will be of great help

see his sister 7
What does it mean: mentality practice

younger sister 28
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with her mother

older sister 30
Description: pride and courage

sister alive 78
Interpretation of the dream: willingness stubborn

dead sister 27
Translation: Good news and novelties

sister married 13
Dream description: actions inconsistent

widowed sister 58
Meaning: supports secrets

sister of milk 23
Translation of the dream: new friends

Sister of Charity 20
Interpretation: astuteness

abandoned by her sister 33

stroking her sister 21

sister drowned 23

nursing sister 43

altercation with sister 27

caress her sister 4

insult sister 78

loving sister 15

arrest of sister 72

arrival of sister 6

resemble sister 23

imprison her sister 90

call her sister 81

confide to his sister 8

heir sister 40

marry his sister 11

Brother and sister of charity 20
Dream description: craftiness

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Meaning: Peace of mind

persistence in the study 2
Translation of the dream: ingenuity

haunt 5
Interpretation: poverty of spirit

haunt taverns 4
Sense of the dream: hard struggle for existence

communion of sisters 79
What does it mean: Failure of a deal

gaunt cheeks 3
Meaning of the dream: You get sick

flaunt wealth 25
Description: malice hidden

flaunt merits 39
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

flaunt beauty 67
Translation: talk to women

flaunt friendships 81
Dream description: hopes fade

flaunt courage 8
Meaning: inner conflicts

reclaim insistently 43
Translation of the dream: Company risky

flaunting their wealth 65
Interpretation: need for caution

flaunt their courage 86
Sense of the dream: tension in the family

taunt 77
What does it mean: insecurity

taunt children 40
Meaning of the dream: insecurity

taunt poor 25
Description: aspiration to the domain

taunt blind 9
Interpretation of the dream: illusions of love

taunt humpbacks 7
Translation: clarifications

taunt men 10
Dream description: resistance

taunt women 6
Meaning: poor reflection

sisters 75
Translation of the dream: disunion

haunt a person 8
Interpretation: compromising relationship

It is haunted by cows 37
Sense of the dream: danger, a bit of prudence to avoid

consistency 65

inconsistent 13

inconsistency 65

insistent in love 10

haunted 89

haunted repentant 90

discord among sisters 55