Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sink in the swamp

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sink in the swamp

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2 sink in the swamp

22 swamp
the end of a friendship or even business, mistrust

11 see a swamp
complicated situation

25 drown in the swamp
sudden satisfaction

17 bathing in a swamp

83 swamp low
good faith betrayed

74 deep swamp
trip inadvisable

50 hunt in a swamp

38 sinking in a swamp
interests pressing and difficult

46 drain a swamp
health hazard

10 drain the swamp
confidence in the future

36 hunt with the little boat in the swamp
dream come true

52 swamp with dead fish
serious concerns

72 the sink
a lot of work ahead and gains

5 sink
a lot of work ahead and gains

3 sink of marble
physical weakness

60 sink of metal

64 enameled sink
changes of opinion

16 clean sink

88 clogged sink
swings of fortune

24 drain sink
small movements

7 fill sink

45 sink into lime
profit work

60 sink in the dung
money matters favorable

58 fill a sink
obstacles to be removed

49 Stack sink
rupture of relations

26 sink into the sand
looming danger

28 sink into the mud
possibility of going out without danger

24 sinking in quicksand
successful combination

51 sinking of a ship

17 sinking of a boat
small misfortunes

9 sinking boat
sacrifices required

72 boat sinking
melancholy and pessimism

79 fishing boat sinking
contrasts to overcome

19 ship sinking

12 save the sinking
good omen

16 sinking wreck
forgotten past