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Singer speaking. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream singer speaking. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

singer 32
Meaning of the dream: harmony and some divine influence

old singer 15
Description: delay of success

speaking abbey 61
Interpretation of the dream: envies

ancestor speaking 47
Translation: industrious recognized

christ speaking 14
Dream description: change of position

devil speaking 80
Meaning: forced separation

ghost speaking 35
Translation of the dream: dangerous illusions

parrot speaking 8
Interpretation: thoughts and concerns

skeleton speaking 82
Sense of the dream: open struggle in family

Mayor speaking 75
What does it mean: temporary irritation

speaking from a tribune 6
Meaning of the dream: spiritual ideals

seer speaking 17
Description: impossible dreams

frankly speaking 45
Interpretation of the dream: needs of employees

Magpie speaking 74
Translation: misunderstanding between spouses

tireless in speaking 51
Dream description: successes

mode of speaking 50
Meaning: painful injustice

refrain from speaking 62
Translation of the dream: repressed feelings

properly speaking 48
Interpretation: profits

Giraffe speaking 36
Sense of the dream: message of your subconscious

bass singer 33
What does it mean: quarrel

opera singer 8
Meaning of the dream: disputes and struggles

pop singer 31
Description: risky business

young singer 80
Interpretation of the dream: chimerical dreams

singer man 14
Translation: insincere friendship

female singer 88
Dream description: indiscreet revelations

singer voiceless 73
Meaning: impossible love

singer out of tune 37
Translation of the dream: excessive worry

singer applauded 71
Interpretation: extravagant spending

singer booed 74
Sense of the dream: delays and impediments

ballad singer 69
What does it mean: novelty good

singer of the past 88
Meaning of the dream: momentary separation

singer in church 44
Description: lightness and neglect

singer on stage 56
Interpretation of the dream: you're trying to understand your ideas to someone

modern singer 69
Translation: important people to you mistreated

award-winning singer 10
Dream description: new work program

apse with singers 26
Meaning: dangerous temptations

engage singers 15
Translation of the dream: visits to relatives

trio of singers 4
Interpretation: resourcefulness

whistling singers 26
Sense of the dream: you re ready for any novelty

choir singers 83
What does it mean: in labor disputes