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Sing badly. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sing badly. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slip badly 55
Meaning of the dream: support to be given

live badly 83
Description: good omens

to sing 6
Interpretation of the dream: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

I sing 54
Translation: happiness, harmony and joy

sing an aria 11
Dream description: need for charitable actions

sing at home 24
Meaning: sad separation

sing in company 36
Translation of the dream: happy inspiration


sing plan 66
Interpretation: serenity and confidence

sing out of tune 5
Sense of the dream: waste of money

sing works 33
What does it mean: easy achievements

sing songs 11
Meaning of the dream: unreasonable acts

sing serenades 29
Description: character lazy

sing ditties 16
Interpretation of the dream: viable projects

sing in chorus 56
Translation: sorrows and sufferings

learn to sing 1
Dream description: sadness passing

sing by ear 76
Meaning: infidelity and jealousy

vent to sing 72
Translation of the dream: emotional states to control

sing psalms 14
Interpretation: soul peace

sing vespers 65
Sense of the dream: new guidelines

begin to sing 65

sing for a living 7

sing bedtime 42

sing or hear a song 1
Interpretation of the dream: happy omen

hear a robin sing 61
Translation: tittle-tattle

Abbess singing 6
Dream description: ephemeral joy

tear down something using an ax 1
Meaning: unexpected losses


dressing with care 88
Translation of the dream: help to be given

apse with singers 26
Interpretation: dangerous temptations

caressing a woman 11
Sense of the dream: treachery

accusing her husband 24
What does it mean: haughtiness

nursing kittens 8
Meaning of the dream: fighting spirit

raising children 3
Description: Confident business

student of singing 26
Interpretation of the dream: chatter dangerous

lover of singing 83
Translation: success in work

amassing land 57
Dream description: support to be given to relatives

amassing sand 79
Meaning: self-love

amassing stones 70
Translation of the dream: actions turbulent

amassing wood 13
Interpretation: disloyalty of friends

lawyer accusing 48
Sense of the dream: favors from a woman

dowsing rod 33
What does it mean: discovery of a lost object

kissing mother 52
Meaning of the dream: sudden entry of money

kissing father 9
Description: next change

kissing a man 58
Interpretation of the dream: sad conjectures

mouth kissing 50
Translation: disillusionment from friends

kiss or kissing 75
Dream description: hypocrisy, deceit

blessing 23
Meaning: happiness and joy

receive the blessing 60
Translation of the dream: intuitive intelligence

give the blessing 89
Interpretation: need for economies

paternal blessing 83
Sense of the dream: opening new horizons in the family

motherly blessing 58
What does it mean: understanding towards others

Papal Blessing 90
Meaning of the dream: achievement of ideals

blessing of the confessor 13
Description: judgments too conventional

blessing of homes 53
Interpretation of the dream: excessive attention to detail

blessing of a flag 20
Translation: irresistible attraction

blessing of a society 66
Dream description: versatile nature

losing a brilliant 85
Meaning: rebellion to their own state

chasing bees 15
Translation of the dream: profit money

baritone (hear that artist singing) 63
Interpretation: joy in family

bass singer 33
Sense of the dream: quarrel

blessings do 38
What does it mean: contentment

chasing butterflies 36
Meaning of the dream: quarrels dangerous

dressing room 62
Description: service of dishonest people

dressing room theater 44
Interpretation of the dream: temporary irritation

dressing room bathrooms 72
Translation: sadness passing

dressing empty 49
Dream description: deceitful flattery

dressing room with players 25
Meaning: useless discussions

canary that sings 21
Translation of the dream: projects

singer 32
Interpretation: harmony and some divine influence

opera singer 8
Sense of the dream: disputes and struggles

pop singer 31
What does it mean: risky business