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Silver elephant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream silver elephant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead elephant 53
Meaning of the dream: states of malaise

taming an elephant 79
Description: commitment to fulfill

see an elephant 28
Interpretation of the dream: gratifying successes in battles

elephant at the circus 82
Translation: challenging journey

elephant's trunk 67
Dream description: sexual desires

ride an elephant 90
Meaning: difficult relations

elephant skull 25
Translation of the dream: do not forget something important

elephant 53
Interpretation: strength and success

elephant at the zoo 86
Sense of the dream: right insight

silver object 40
What does it mean: work hard

silver ladle 14
Meaning of the dream: to overcome prejudices

silver circle 31
Description: waivers painful

silver chiseled 10
Interpretation of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

molten silver 76
Translation: protection at work

bushing silver 55
Dream description: indulgence of children

silver 51
Meaning: It symbolizes the moon, intuition and feminine aspects of yourself

silver snuff 11
Translation of the dream: wrath

polish silver 20
Interpretation: ties secrets

Silver beaten 44
Sense of the dream: lost objects

short silver 25
What does it mean: confidence poorly rewarded

silver heart 11
Meaning of the dream: dangerous risks

silver clasp 52
Description: mediocre performance at work

Silver Chain 51
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles to overcome

silver solder 44
Translation: disagreements with relatives

Silver Necklace 11
Dream description: morbid restlessness

silver cross 25
Meaning: dangerous illusions

silver pot 10
Translation of the dream: deserved awards

silver amulet 55
Interpretation: disappointments in work

embroidery in silver 42
Sense of the dream: hopes collapsing

silver thimble 88
What does it mean: pride punished

silver idol 56
Meaning of the dream: is starting to have a critical sense

Silver Cute 52
Description: aspirations and ideals

appraiser Silver 9
Interpretation of the dream: unfinished business if you do it with your hands

engage silver 65
Translation: do not be distracted by issues of little consequence

silver buckle 29
Dream description: family atmosphere stormy

silver tray 29
Meaning: sudden trip

silver bracelet 38
Translation of the dream: secret vices

lacing silver 25
Interpretation: illness of a relative

steal silver 3
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

stamp silver 84
What does it mean: money refund

fabric silver 40
Meaning of the dream: funeral cortege

burnish silver 8
Description: economic hardship

casting silver 84
Interpretation of the dream: winning the game

silver pawn 12
Translation: not be able to avoid the gossip

silver cord 48
Dream description: predicament

silver rod 10
Meaning: drastic solution

Silver worked 15
Translation of the dream: change of position

melt silver 2
Interpretation: Fortunately unstable

weigh silver 21
Sense of the dream: external protection

silver candlestick 51
What does it mean: excessive impulsiveness

Silver Whistle 45
Meaning of the dream: repair to give

matt silver 75
Description: bitter internal conflict

keychain silver 64
Interpretation of the dream: appearances deceive

joys silver 81
Translation: you have not been able to exploit your opportunities