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Silk mantilla. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream silk mantilla. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

silk mantilla 62

mantilla satin 63

mantilla velvet 11

mantilla destroyed 88

mantilla patched 74

silk 14
Meaning: contrasts

lacing silk 49
Translation of the dream: false oaths

bale of silk 5
Interpretation: friendships helpful

lapel silk 60
Sense of the dream: ambition nipped

silk cap 66
What does it mean: loss of profits

silk brocade 41
Meaning of the dream: end of opposition

silk shirt 47
Description: lost love

sample silk 18
Interpretation of the dream: great adaptability

silk hood 58
Translation: understanding family

silk belt 61
Dream description: unrealizable desires

silk blanket 63
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

silk cord 44
Translation of the dream: modest aspirations

Silk Curtain 57
Interpretation: imprudent speeches

silk stockings 40
Sense of the dream: loss of belongings

silk handkerchief 66
What does it mean: amorous conquests

spin silk 74
Meaning of the dream: delay in business

silk thread 30
Description: dynamism accentuated

silk bow 79
Interpretation of the dream: risk of disputes

silk fringe 54
Translation: instincts to control

ball of silk 61
Dream description: pleasant encounters

silk skirt 12
Meaning: good position

Silk Factory 27
Translation of the dream: your business goes from bad to worse

silk sweater 70
Interpretation: danger of deception

silk ribbon 51
Sense of the dream: need to surrender

silk waistcoat 31
What does it mean: longing for love

silk trousers 20
Meaning of the dream: financial difficulties

piece Silk 46
Description: surprise and news

cope silk 85
Interpretation of the dream: realization

shopkeeper silk 74
Translation: discreet prosperity

silk items 50
Dream description: you fantasize in various dreams

silk tie 86
Meaning: infidelity

silk net 36
Translation of the dream: trouble and complications

silk embroidery 82
Interpretation: quiet serenity

lots of silk 5
Sense of the dream: favorable circumstances

scrap of silk 17
What does it mean: concerns for the future

silk shawl 76
Meaning of the dream: unsolicited advice

silk scarf 22
Description: extreme distrust

White Silk 41
Interpretation of the dream: ability organizers

black silk 74
Translation: excessive emotionality

colored silk 79
Dream description: chance to gain

silk with the cord 38
Meaning: sociability

artificial silk 74
Translation of the dream: attachment to the habits

silk pieces 4
Interpretation: progressive growth

silk in skeins 45
Sense of the dream: providential help

buy silk 44
What does it mean: social ambitions

sell silk 10
Meaning of the dream: new aspirations

weave silk 42
Description: from health check

dyeing silk 90
Interpretation of the dream: lack of privacy