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Shutters crushed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shutters crushed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

open shutters 18
Meaning of the dream: serious danger averted

window shutters 6
Description: Success in business

painted shutters 84
Interpretation of the dream: fear of criticism

railroad worker crushed 89
Translation: sadness, discontent

spider crushed 76
Dream description: inability to deal with problems

bug squashed 90
Meaning: friendships safe

crushed 65
Translation of the dream: attention to the dangers

boulder to be crushed 72
Interpretation: you are threatened and you can not control your enemies

broken blinds 2
Sense of the dream: problems in the family

bubble crushed 69
What does it mean: enthusiasm paid

close the blinds 43
Meaning of the dream: non-resistance

open or close the blinds 28
Description: love solitude

close a shutter 55
Interpretation of the dream: reckless actions

Brother suppressed 87
Translation: prosperity at home

closed shutter 68
Dream description: inhibitions and fears

Crusher 36
Meaning: moral wealth

convent suppressed 62
Translation of the dream: waivers painful

crushed stone 83
Interpretation: quality yet to be expressed

jalousie 44
Sense of the dream: secrets

tear down 10
What does it mean: self-doubt

plane crashed 16
Meaning of the dream: breaking one bond

barrel smashed 14
Description: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

trampling people 34
Interpretation of the dream: threatening disease

powdered 26
Translation: measures to be taken

to load 58
Dream description: need and sorrow

lower the blind 82
Meaning: enterprise that fails

bruise to pinch 86
Translation of the dream: delight

coal dust 49
Interpretation: industrious awarded

tear down the fence 42
Sense of the dream: You want to forget the past and live free

tear down a flag 45
What does it mean: tranquility and profits

load lighter 18
Meaning of the dream: difficulties with relatives

Store toys 6
Description: ambitions to be braked

birthday invite 65
Interpretation of the dream: in reality no cure your person

closed shop 88
Translation: requited love

powdered her face 78
Dream description: good health

charge the watch 76
Meaning: expenses limit

invite to walking 52
Translation of the dream: heavy thoughts

load the gun 23
Interpretation: delays and discussions

load a wagon 89
Sense of the dream: anxiety and agitation

load stone 65
What does it mean: disinterestedness

invite to breakfast 3
Meaning of the dream: disappointment and sadness

watchmaker's shop 15
Description: interesting proposals

load bags 65
Interpretation of the dream: old problems to be solved

invite to dance 37
Translation: fatal encounter

butcher in the shop 80
Dream description: risk dangerous

a printer's shop 87
Meaning: longing of his youth

invite a relative 86
Translation of the dream: character grumpy

invite in restaurant 77
Interpretation: poor physical endurance

invite to the theater 67
Sense of the dream: prosperity and well-being

invite to coffee 42
What does it mean: initiative

tear down something using an ax 1
Meaning of the dream: unexpected losses