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Shot or throw. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shot or throw. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shot or throw 11
Meaning of the dream: small disappointments

shot stick 67
Description: good health

give it a shot cudgel 77
Interpretation of the dream: lack of courage

shot filmstrips 5
Translation: important protections

shot traitor 12
Dream description: envy hidden

rent a throw 71
Meaning: dangerous accusations

general shot 22
Translation of the dream: small daily difficulties

Woodcock shot 54
Interpretation: excessive lavishness

Democrat shot 40
Sense of the dream: happy hours

Hand shot 12
What does it mean: indecision and reticence

cannon shot 8
Meaning of the dream: deceit uncovered

Alpine shot 54
Description: unwelcome discovery

rifle shot 48
Interpretation of the dream: Councils concerned

muffle a shot 24
Translation: interests in danger

receive a cudgel shot 46
Dream description: measures to be taken

see damned throw into the furnace 66
Meaning: great sadness or illness

throw mud 38
Translation of the dream: sudden sympathy

soldier shot 28
Interpretation: incomprehension and discontent

play shooting 75
Sense of the dream: happy omen

deserter shot 44
What does it mean: luck in the game

throw the peel 30
Meaning of the dream: impressionability

give it a shot to punch or slap 7
Description: peace and love in the family success in his loves

throw again 17
Interpretation of the dream: realization of hopes

throw the butt 10
Translation: shady business

hitting an animal with a rifle shot 70
Dream description: illness not serious but annoying

hunter shooting 30
Meaning: Excessive pedantry

throw a punch 14
Translation of the dream: emotion and ambition

throw a dress 44
Interpretation: danger

ball or shot 71
Sense of the dream: time environment provided by the business because you will be in good shape is not rather careless and imprudent

take center in a rifle shot 16
What does it mean: you have found the right way to your accommodation

throw a core 49
Meaning of the dream: overcoming of an obstacle

throw confetti 43
Description: fanaticism momentary

throw away a banana 21
Interpretation of the dream: period of spiritual reflection

throw away any object 11
Translation: You will escape from a difficult situation

shot glass liqueur 24
Dream description: dangerous passion

throw lifesaver other 18
Meaning: unhappy emotional bond

throw open 74
Translation of the dream: intelligence vivid

target shooting 27
Interpretation: small disappointments

shooting two 19
Sense of the dream: lasting ties

throw grapes 12
What does it mean: restlessness

throw stones 42
Meaning of the dream: you strike an opponent violently

policeman shot 26
Description: to overcome shyness

throw the skin 30
Interpretation of the dream: impressionability

barrage shoot 53
Translation: contacts to resume

throw themselves into the pit 15
Dream description: bitterness and trouble

throw the dart 89
Meaning: poor security

throw in your face to someone mussels 48
Translation of the dream: They are not honest with someone

throw away the ballast 59
Interpretation: you can act as you think

robber shooting 8
Sense of the dream: envy masked