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Short visit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream short visit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

short visit 6
Meaning of the dream: Decision to return

short (short) 1
Description: minor mishaps

short 60
Interpretation of the dream: suffering

short name 53

short beard 6
Dream description: ephemeral achievements

short hair 1
Meaning: serenity in family

short coat 51
Translation of the dream: sensitive nature

short neck 90
Interpretation: misplaced trust

short distance 67
Sense of the dream: shyness

short skirt 69
What does it mean: bad business

short cloak 9
Meaning of the dream: contradictory attitudes

short story 1
Description: tranquility of mind

short pastry 57
Interpretation of the dream: match emotional

short fur 6
Translation: ephemeral achievements

short sleeves 81
Dream description: shame

short leg 30
Meaning: momentary satisfaction

cudgel short 68
Translation of the dream: arrogance and conceit

short answer 29
Interpretation: enthusiasm and joy

short maturity 8
Sense of the dream: personal progress

shawl short 12
What does it mean: unfortunate love

short overcoat 77
Meaning of the dream: heightened sensitivity

stop short 78
Description: small concession to do

very short nails 78
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

short man 56
Translation: adaptability

short dresses 3
Dream description: dynamism and health

short route 80
Meaning: critically

short trip 9
Translation of the dream: opposition passing

short life 19
Interpretation: disease

short bubble 56

short silver 25

short of gold 33

short children 26

short speech 67

short lashes 5

short tail 65

short war 75

short fight 43

short illness 31

short waves 24

short circuit 26

read short story 48
Meaning of the dream: tranquility of mind

short-sighted glasses 5
Description: interesting experiences

visit welcome 43
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected gain

do a visit 72
Translation: to avoid impulsive actions

visit 16
Dream description: reconciliation with a friend

visit academy 35
Meaning: obstacles

say goodbye after a visit 73
Translation of the dream: poor understanding

visit sick 64
Interpretation: liberation from regret

visit an abbey 55
Sense of the dream: a woman you closer

visit a jail 74
What does it mean: demonstrations of trust

surgeon visit 15
Meaning of the dream: serious decisions to make

visit a city 37
Description: knowledge important

see or visit a ghetto 38
Interpretation of the dream: do not trust the woman who interests you

visit the madhouse 79
Translation: conflicts with superiors

timely visit 15
Dream description: heartbreak

pastoral visit 22
Meaning: benefit safe

visit a prison 64
Translation of the dream: demonstrations of trust

go to visit hospice 77
Interpretation: do not trust friends

reciprocate a visit 82
Sense of the dream: new interesting projects

receive a visit 17
What does it mean: Ad rather unpleasant

return from a visit 40
Meaning of the dream: reckless actions

visit a sanatorium 73
Description: glitches and annoyances

visit a shrine 78
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

visit the stables 31
Translation: enthusiastically

visit the school 15
Dream description: expressions of sympathy

visit seminar 13
Meaning: changes to be made

visit the greenhouse 17
Translation of the dream: new horizons

visit a tomb 2
Interpretation: sad news

visit a printing 43
Sense of the dream: delicate moment

visit the grave 44
What does it mean: regrets unnecessary

visit of condolence 50
Meaning of the dream: happiness blurred

long visit 87
Description: Contrast smoothed

unexpected visit 51
Interpretation of the dream: urgent problem to be solved

receive the visit 58
Translation: many satisfactions

visit a museum 65
Dream description: excellent organization

visit a colony 11
Meaning: quick fixes

visit a library 55
Translation of the dream: disinterested advice

visit a church 66
Interpretation: serene thoughts

visit a cemetery 68
Sense of the dream: unnecessary worries

visit a hospital 12
What does it mean: nervousness to control

visit a mine 26
Meaning of the dream: excessive aggression