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Short trip. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream short trip. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

short trip 9
Meaning of the dream: opposition passing

trip 36
Description: You need a little moment of escape

think of a trip 31
Interpretation of the dream: speeches irritants

agree to a trip 81
Translation: financial settlement

rough trip 54
Dream description: gossip of neighbors

entice a trip 83
Meaning: small opposition

hunting trip 17
Translation of the dream: many enemies

combine a trip 38
Interpretation: joy short-lived

end a trip 51
Sense of the dream: seriousness and reflection

defer a trip 13
What does it mean: ties inconsistent

field trip 14
Meaning of the dream: gain safe

trip to the beach 2
Description: no damage expected

boat trip 68
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected visits

idol for a trip 45
Translation: there will be changes in family

offer a trip 4
Dream description: letters and news

order a trip 52
Meaning: desire for justice

organize a trip 40
Translation of the dream: emotional stability

pleasant trip 88
Interpretation: adaptability to circumstances

prepare for a trip 5
Sense of the dream: inner restlessness

planning a trip 6
What does it mean: intellectual activity

prohibit a trip 84
Meaning of the dream: reservations and inhibitions

prolonging a trip 72
Description: confusion and mistrust

just back from a trip 4
Interpretation of the dream: joys sentimental

account of a trip 80
Translation: big news

postpone a trip 13
Dream description: ties inconsistent

give up a trip 37
Meaning: understanding and agreement

miss a trip 56
Translation of the dream: business cheated

return from a trip 52
Interpretation: overcoming difficulties

trip to the mountains 84
Sense of the dream: changes Useful

transatlantic trip 70
What does it mean: incompatibility of character

make a trip 74
Meaning of the dream: New business

round trip 44
Description: good romantic relationships

return trip 90
Interpretation of the dream: family problem solved

pleasure trip 60
Translation: confirmations interesting

business trip 3
Dream description: economic profit

short (short) 1
Meaning: minor mishaps

short 60
Translation of the dream: suffering

short name 53

idol for a long trip 39
Sense of the dream: your life will undergo a change

short beard 6
What does it mean: ephemeral achievements

short hair 1
Meaning of the dream: serenity in family

short coat 51
Description: sensitive nature

short neck 90
Interpretation of the dream: misplaced trust

short distance 67
Translation: shyness

short skirt 69
Dream description: bad business

short cloak 9
Meaning: contradictory attitudes

short story 1
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

short pastry 57
Interpretation: match emotional

short fur 6
Sense of the dream: ephemeral achievements

short sleeves 81
What does it mean: shame

short leg 30
Meaning of the dream: momentary satisfaction

cudgel short 68
Description: arrogance and conceit

short answer 29
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm and joy

short maturity 8
Translation: personal progress

shawl short 12
Dream description: unfortunate love

short overcoat 77
Meaning: heightened sensitivity

stop short 78
Translation of the dream: small concession to do

very short nails 78
Interpretation: melancholy

short man 56
Sense of the dream: adaptability

short dresses 3
What does it mean: dynamism and health

short route 80
Meaning of the dream: critically

short visit 6
Description: Decision to return

short life 19
Interpretation of the dream: disease

short bubble 56

short silver 25

short of gold 33

short children 26

short speech 67

short lashes 5

short tail 65

short war 75

short fight 43

short illness 31

short waves 24

short circuit 26

read short story 48
Meaning: tranquility of mind

short-sighted glasses 5
Translation of the dream: interesting experiences

shorten 71
Interpretation: quick fix

shorten a path 5
Sense of the dream: quick fix

shorten a speech 70
What does it mean: next meeting