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Shoot. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shoot. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shoot 71
Meaning of the dream: many enemies

shoot prisoners 9
Description: fight against injustice

shoot the window 2
Interpretation of the dream: physical exhaustion

shoot in the air 4
Translation: displays of affection

shoot someone 5
Dream description: heartbreak

shoot stranger 65
Meaning: compromising relationships

shoot the revolver 38
Translation of the dream: physical exuberance

shoot animals 46
Interpretation: depression and discontent

shoot with your gun 16
Sense of the dream: pulse control

shoot rockets 38
What does it mean: Limited activity

Shoot the Birds 50
Meaning of the dream: fanaticism exaggerated

shoot with rifle 70
Description: disease

fire the gun 3
Interpretation of the dream: errors to be repaired

shoot weapon 45
Translation: malicious gossip

fire the cannon 20
Dream description: fleeting relationships

barrage shoot 53
Meaning: contacts to resume

firing on an enemy 56
Translation of the dream: whims and fears

shoot a gun 40
Interpretation: efforts to support

blasting away 41
Sense of the dream: laziness and stubbornness

seeing fire 47
What does it mean: changing environment

shoot dead 30
Meaning of the dream: painful family quarrels

be shot 55
Description: you will be isolated

shot traitor 12
Interpretation of the dream: envy hidden

shoot down an enemy 17
Translation: enthusiasm

shot in the legs or being shot in the legs 56
Dream description: tensions or conflicts

maneuver musket (gun) without firing 18
Meaning: danger for reason of jealousy

soldier shot 28
Translation of the dream: incomprehension and discontent

shooting two 19
Interpretation: lasting ties

shot by check 77
Sense of the dream: satisfaction

shot or throw 11
What does it mean: small disappointments

shooting at four 60
Meaning of the dream: flattering promises

shoot down a helicopter 62
Description: urgent business to solve

shot stick 67
Interpretation of the dream: good health

shot filmstrips 5
Translation: important protections

give it a shot cudgel 77
Dream description: lack of courage

cannon that shoots 88
Meaning: momentary uneasiness

musket fire the trigger 11
Translation of the dream: Good luck in the hunt

guard who shoots 30
Interpretation: poorly controlled reactions between friends

bandit who shoots 80
Sense of the dream: a good chance

see a fired acquaintance 5
What does it mean: wary of friendly person

bullet being shot 57
Meaning of the dream: painful disease

erupt 67
Description: someone's going to give you a party

be sacked fired 4
Interpretation of the dream: feelings of rejection of others to you

cast a spell 18
Translation: you do not have the courage to say in person what you think

boy fired 69
Dream description: Offers friendship

see someone fired 68
Meaning: person on whom they are serious doubts

pull 32
Translation of the dream: nostalgic spirit

hurling stones 40
Interpretation: economic benefits

hurl glasses 2
Sense of the dream: realizable remarkable

pull the target 8
What does it mean: emotions and desires

throw a stone 36
Meaning of the dream: melancholy

toss menstruation 16
Description: new hope