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Shoes outside the door. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shoes outside the door. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shoes 5
Meaning of the dream: difficult projects

peephole of the door 59
Description: stress caused by overwork

buy shoes 80
Interpretation of the dream: recognized merit

shoes with nails 10
Translation: efforts needed to be made

postman at the door 14
Dream description: big news

nun at the door 84
Meaning: comfort

crouch behind the door 18
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

Bench shoes 9
Interpretation: supports useful

women's shoes 77
Sense of the dream: disagree with brothers

broken door 73
What does it mean: scarce energy

wide shoes 26
Meaning of the dream: Peaceful Life

colored shoes 70
Description: request money

white shoes 6
Interpretation of the dream: exciting novelty

put shoes 8
Translation: pleasant trip

polish shoes 26
Dream description: travel project

wipe shoes 57
Meaning: aggressive behavior

tight shoes 64
Translation of the dream: progress difficult

in the door 46
Interpretation: solutions of heart problems

door hinge 18
Sense of the dream: short shift

flat shoes 50
What does it mean: trouble for writings

painted shoes 42
Meaning of the dream: projects do not give up

extricate shoes 77
Description: generous spirit

wear shoes 5
Interpretation of the dream: security in the affections

lose shoes 33
Translation: Stop in business

mutate shoes 5
Dream description: joy and abandon

glazed door 65
Meaning: you're bewildered

enlarge shoes 34
Translation of the dream: excessive dynamism

anoint shoes 45
Interpretation: wasted effort

force a door 56
Sense of the dream: fantasy lit

rub shoes 38
What does it mean: trip likely

find shoes 9
Meaning of the dream: sudden change

sewing shoes 90
Description: tolerance

pair shoes 33
Interpretation of the dream: lack of love

consume shoes 68
Translation: physical endurance

dye shoes 44
Dream description: misunderstanding in the family

threshold of the door 37
Meaning: in life everything will be fine

buckle your shoes 50
Translation of the dream: narrow escape

break shoes 81
Interpretation: physical fatigue

stand at the door 18
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

door 18
What does it mean: boredom, fatigue

break through a door 4
Meaning of the dream: contrasts work

alligator shoes 27
Description: slow progress

barring a door 11
Interpretation of the dream: energy costs hurt

unlace his shoes 12
Translation: small malaise

eavesdrop on the door 54
Dream description: solitude

door ajar 9
Meaning: loving relationships

new shoes 53
Translation of the dream: entry money

Clean shoes 6
Interpretation: complicated matters

wrong door 4
Sense of the dream: lack of self-confidence

old shoes 9
What does it mean: melancholy and depression

Men's shoes 4
Meaning of the dream: important protections

broken shoes 11
Description: lack of initiative

slam the door 64
Interpretation of the dream: illusion of short duration

black shoes 81
Translation: profitable activities

creaking door 59
Dream description: gossip and intrigue

muddy shoes 7
Meaning: worries and troubles

dress shoes 51
Translation of the dream: suspicions unjust

loose shoes 8
Interpretation: you're too possessive

secret door 18
Sense of the dream: difficult relationships

look out the door 88
What does it mean: happy change