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Shit smell strong. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shit smell strong. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

smell a strong 88
Meaning of the dream: suspicions of someone

shit 53
Description: money

eat shit 11
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty, infamy

shit in the foot 21
Translation: windfall

shit with worms 76
Dream description: Good news

shit baby 3
Meaning: fruitfulness and abundance

dog shit 8
Translation of the dream: consistency in the actions

horse shit 4
Interpretation: malicious gossip

Fly shit 61
Sense of the dream: ambitions to be braked

great shit 26
What does it mean: hopes and ideals

71 - Smorfia classic: man shit 71

strong 30
Description: Lawsuit family, the distance from which will be born of a relative loss, grief

have a strong appetite 23
Interpretation of the dream: removal of relatives and friends

strong arms 61
Translation: happiness and freedom

strong room 51
Dream description: need for economy

feel strong 23
Meaning: You will be submitted

have strong personalities 78
Translation of the dream: so you want to be

sentinel in a strong 3
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

Strong material 88
Sense of the dream: increasing activity

strong voice 34
What does it mean: happy hours

strong pulse 22
Meaning of the dream: decision, courage

strong vinegar 6
Description: productive activity

strong support 22
Interpretation of the dream: future prosperity

strong thread 58
Translation: hidden energy

strong indisposition 86
Dream description: great emotions

strong liquor 88
Meaning: misunderstandings and quarrels

show strong 8
Translation of the dream: submission or lack of freedom

strong a word 48
Interpretation: prosperity

strong muscles 70
Sense of the dream: luck in the game

see strong ribs and large 88
What does it mean: luck in marriage

more strong and big hips 5
Meaning of the dream: good health

smell 53
Description: abundance and richness

smell of incense 45
Interpretation of the dream: love and well-being

smell aromas 75
Translation: break with a partner

smell of flowers 52
Dream description: disorderly life

smell of wax 55
Meaning: Reports dangerous

smell of food 18
Translation of the dream: concerns about a family

smell of wine 31
Interpretation: fleeting euphoria

smell of dirt 29
Sense of the dream: drudgery

smell of smoke 50
What does it mean: tough business

smell of gasoline 2
Meaning of the dream: contrasting opinions

smell of sweat 36
Description: health threat

smell of paint 36
Interpretation of the dream: coldness and calculation

sweet smell 90
Translation: harbinger of luck

pleasant smell 34
Dream description: sincerity

feel no smell 2
Meaning: insensibility

smell odors 5
Translation of the dream: lightness and pride

smell of vanilla 44
Interpretation: inner serenity

smell violets 48
Sense of the dream: delight