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Shirt with embroidery. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shirt with embroidery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shirt child 12
Meaning of the dream: immediate realization

mutate shirt 88
Description: useful tips to follow

evening shirt 43
Interpretation of the dream: plots of women

burning shirt 2
Translation: need for caution

sewing shirt 61
Dream description: secret pleasures

hemming shirt 60
Meaning: instability in the work

change shirt 23
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

shirt route 30
Interpretation: false promises

socks with embroidery 33
Sense of the dream: intuitions wrong

new shirt 40
What does it mean: false flattery

shirt 40
Meaning of the dream: future comfort

selling shirt 13
Description: unforeseen expenses

dirty shirt 84
Interpretation of the dream: concern for parents

clean shirt 63
Translation: break with relatives

White shirt 2
Dream description: danger close

starched shirt 59
Meaning: next job

striped shirt 14
Translation of the dream: occult treachery

military shirt 86
Interpretation: physical exuberance

squirt shirt 80
Sense of the dream: victory over enemies

ruffle shirt 12
What does it mean: unexpected betrayal

linen shirt 66
Meaning of the dream: prosperity in family

flannel shirt 72
Description: need to surrender

men's shirt 20
Interpretation of the dream: fleeting joys

get the shirt 66
Translation: sufferings of love

woolen shirt 83
Dream description: next inheritance

colored shirt 11
Meaning: changes in family

women's shirt 18
Translation of the dream: unstable situation

trash embroidery 21
Interpretation: fulfillment of your dreams

Polo shirt 47
Sense of the dream: awaits great honor

modern embroidery 56
What does it mean: nervous excitement

man in shirt 3
Meaning of the dream: lack of vitality

extricate the shirt 67
Description: delicate health

mending a shirt 74
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over difficulties

Embroidery in wool 33
Translation: personal success

Embroidery Cotton 86
Dream description: upward mobility

do embroidery 18
Meaning: joy without profit

taking off his shirt 77
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

gold embroidery 88
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

buttoning his shirt 1
Sense of the dream: quiet affair

iron the shirt 77
What does it mean: pride punished

silk shirt 47
Meaning of the dream: lost love

buy the shirt 18
Description: business cheated

wear the shirt 34
Interpretation of the dream: benefit safe

kill a louse in shirt 2
Translation: restlessness

wash your shirt 58
Dream description: crushes

Scissors for embroidery 70
Meaning: excessive demands

embroidery in silver 42
Translation of the dream: hopes collapsing

embroidery 34
Interpretation: genuine affection and understanding with your partner

shirt collar 78
Sense of the dream: invitations pleasant

shirtless 20
What does it mean: dishonor

ribbon embroidery 24
Meaning of the dream: sentimental successes

tshirt 74
Description: problems

Embroidered Shoes 54
Interpretation of the dream: discord to talk

embroidered shawls 15
Translation: emotional complications

ancient embroidery 15
Dream description: realization valid

embroidery needle 88
Meaning: prosperity

straitjacket 25
Translation of the dream: fickle love

silk embroidery 82
Interpretation: quiet serenity

embroider bags 25
Sense of the dream: financial risks

embroider linens 8
What does it mean: opposition in the family

embroidered cushions 76
Meaning of the dream: professional life hostile

embroidery hoop 62
Description: melancholy passing