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Ships touching. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ships touching. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

touching scene 18
Meaning of the dream: repairable error

touching feces 27
Description: become rich

touching breasts 53
Interpretation of the dream: emotional sensitivity

touching a man 2
Translation: promises kept

touching an instrument 16
Dream description: business trip

ships 14
Meaning: prosperity

arsenal with ships 44
Translation of the dream: Lost Illusions

Concentration ships 16
Interpretation: fixity of opinions

cordage of ships 13
Sense of the dream: novellas coming debtors or correspondents

amount of ships 70
What does it mean: News coming soon

collision of ships 36
Meaning of the dream: love of power

ships' flag 20
Description: risky actions

download ships 22
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded fears

notice of a friendship 7
Translation: passion

worship 4
Dream description: next fortune

worship the Virgin Mary 60
Meaning: sacrifices rewarded

worship jesus 48
Translation of the dream: protections

worship saints 56
Interpretation: secret to keep

worship the Pope 65
Sense of the dream: favorable changes

worship the sun 83
What does it mean: dangerous adventures

worship the moon 16
Meaning of the dream: joys of short duration

worship effigy 4
Description: slander

worship idols 84
Interpretation of the dream: lost assets

sinking of a ship 51
Translation: sorrows

ship mast 80
Dream description: providential aid

set up a ship 77
Meaning: need for greater elasticity


ambiguous friendship 37
Translation of the dream: wise reflections

friendship 17
Interpretation: aspects of your personality that you refused

friendship new 23
Sense of the dream: little ailments

old friendship 17
What does it mean: obstacles to overcome

friendship renewed 71
Meaning of the dream: excessive irritation

friendship route 13
Description: false mirages in the work

friendship interested 87
Interpretation of the dream: fortitude

ship or boat 53
Translation: visits of close friends

cargo ship 86
Dream description: temptations to overcome

ship with passengers 33
Meaning: disharmony in family life

ship with military 46
Translation of the dream: overreacting

ship in the midst of a storm 60
Interpretation: creativity profitable

ship wrecked 39
Sense of the dream: laziness deplorable

ship traveling 70
What does it mean: incompatibility of character

ship in port 33
Meaning of the dream: bewilderment

Battleship 26
Description: serious thoughts

ship on the lake 31
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

ship with fishermen 18
Translation: security and sobriety

christening of a ship 52
Dream description: Hard times

shipping bill 3
Meaning: Love Home

get on a ship 88
Translation of the dream: health

blame kinship 78
Interpretation: disagree

beached or stranded ship 65
Sense of the dream: brief stop in business

be in a township 16
What does it mean: close win