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Shell pendant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shell pendant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

small pendant 9
Meaning of the dream: revenge on enemies

find shell 68
Description: embarrassing situation

Pendant pearls 41
Interpretation of the dream: great nostalgia

gold pendant 68
Translation: support effective

shell full 32
Dream description: success in business

shell magician 8
Meaning: illusions of love

shell beans 60
Translation of the dream: achievements deserve

have a shell 52
Interpretation: new responsibilities

shell nuts 53
Sense of the dream: new social relations

pendant watch 24
What does it mean: happy relationships

shell hazelnuts 58
Meaning of the dream: malicious gossip

shell chestnuts 27
Description: good health

shell with pearl 37
Interpretation of the dream: sense of justice

oyster shell 85
Translation: deceptions hidden

empty shell 33
Dream description: loss of time or credit

shell 52
Meaning: live isolated and do not know how to tap

shell broad beans 56
Translation of the dream: love at first sight

break the shell 55
Interpretation: do knowledge pleasant

cocoon shell of silkworms 35
Sense of the dream: victory over enemies

seashell 31
What does it mean: Moving home

collect shells 65
Meaning of the dream: heavy responsibility

shell the rosary 51
Description: aspiration for peace of mind

buy shells 29
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

eggshell 77
Translation: unpleasant encounters

shell out money 57
Dream description: good solutions

tortoiseshell button 6
Meaning: You have patience

clapper 56
Translation of the dream: curiosity

hanging 64
Interpretation: someone wants to hinder the work

have followers 32
Sense of the dream: Lucky work

suspension bridge 30
What does it mean: chaotic situation

empty mussel 65
Meaning of the dream: you are doing something wrong in your life

hat with tassels 9
Description: new ideas

eat mussel 75
Interpretation of the dream: want to meet

earrings 52
Translation: voltage of short duration

see a mussel 39
Dream description: moments of happiness

necklace 87
Meaning: suffer unjust action

tassel or rosette 9
Translation of the dream: insult, argument in a public way

mussel or mussels 45
Interpretation: peace fertility and profitable times

broken ladle 64
Sense of the dream: anxieties and worries of short duration

projectile rocket 11
What does it mean: illusion of love

empty tray 33
Meaning of the dream: inner restlessness

empty basin 10
Description: inner conflict

earrings fake 76
Interpretation of the dream: Closing activities

dangling earrings 2
Translation: voltage of short duration

donate earrings 7
Dream description: to strengthen relations

silver ladle 14
Meaning: to overcome prejudices

necklace found 53
Translation of the dream: steadfastness of purpose

uncork 80
Interpretation: need for caution

wooden ladle 20
Sense of the dream: friendships are strengthened

throw the peel 30
What does it mean: impressionability

bring necklace 38
Meaning of the dream: career advancement

broken necklace 59
Description: new knowledge

antique earrings 58
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties to be overcome

shelter during a hurricane 27
Translation: forebodings

modern earrings 19
Dream description: emotional needs