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Sheets pencil compass. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sheets pencil compass. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

five sheets of colored sheets 12
Meaning of the dream: passing whims

pencil 11
Description: wisdom

pencil case 60
Interpretation of the dream: It is revealed the secret of someone or something

black pencil 8
Translation: prudence in confiding

Coloured Pencil 21
Dream description: projects of love

pencil gold 29
Meaning: to avoid misunderstandings

silver pencil 7
Translation of the dream: protection in professional


pencil portrait 90
Interpretation: difficulties of adaptation

red pencil 44
Sense of the dream: capacity for endurance

write with pencil 59
What does it mean: unexpected news

pencil sharpener 65
Meaning of the dream: disunity in the family

compass 73
Description: arrogance of relatives

use a compass 21
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance of relatives

use the compass 59
Translation: good economic situation

compass fall 68
Dream description: ingratitude of children

broken compass 87
Meaning: exaggerations

lose the compass 30
Translation of the dream: concern for a relative

find the compass 42
Interpretation: important talks

buy a compass 77
Sense of the dream: heavy commitments

compass in the box 88
What does it mean: business meetings

compass dial 90
Meaning of the dream: you'll have plenty wellbeing

gate compass 29

marine compass 61

sheets 33
Translation: Little satisfaction

five sheets 15
Dream description: love of work

use a five sheets 85
Meaning: future plans


count sheets 86
Translation of the dream: right insight

sewing sheets 55
Interpretation: aid determinants

dirty sheets 68
Sense of the dream: critic situation

torn sheets 56
What does it mean: risks inadvisable

iron sheets 51
Meaning of the dream: affirmation slow but sure

hemming sheets 17
Description: pitfall to be avoided

Cloth sheets 86
Interpretation of the dream: hard problems

buy a five sheets 40
Translation: misunderstandings and misconceptions

mending sheets 14
Dream description: resumption of activities

roll up the sheets 5
Meaning: love of neighbor

scribble sheets 68
Translation of the dream: sense of inferiority

engage sheets 80

wrap up in sheets 38

string of sheets 65

five sheets printing 9

five sheets of paper 21

five sheets smooth 29

five sheets lined 27

patch sheets 32

sheets hung out to dry 23
Meaning: new friends

five sheets of white paper 81
Translation of the dream: love of work

administer company 88
Interpretation: dangerous actions

accompany a stranger 80
Sense of the dream: someone who still does not know wants to hurt you

accompany a relative 55
What does it mean: you contrasts of interest

accompany a dead 37
Meaning of the dream: a deal gone very wrong

accompany a friend 43
Description: important to mention the work

accompany a wedding 53
Interpretation of the dream: next inheritance

sing in company 36
Translation: happy inspiration

accompanied blind 31
Dream description: steadfastness of purpose

accompany the cemetery 32
Meaning: aid from friends

breakfast in the company 61
Translation of the dream: economic prosperity

good companion 70
Interpretation: generous enthusiasm

bad companion 68
Sense of the dream: wrong operations

companion false 82
What does it mean: correspondence unpleasant

sincere companion 24
Meaning of the dream: new ideas and projects

faithful companion 55
Description: self confidence

companion in misfortune 64
Interpretation of the dream: honest work

companion orgies 13
Translation: pains and sadness

compasses 6
Dream description: good economic situation

lead company 56
Meaning: modest life

Company Manager 15
Translation of the dream: important interview

companion 37
Interpretation: laziness and poverty

see compartment of a train 90
Sense of the dream: novelty nearby

have compassion 36
What does it mean: much joy and fortune

compatriot 58
Meaning of the dream: useful work

sheet of paper 35
Description: heredity

white sheet 13
Interpretation of the dream: oddities mood