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Sharpen a wooden pole. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sharpen a wooden pole. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wooden pole 26
Meaning of the dream: sad events

sharpen 24
Description: sorrow, pride and vanity

sharpen a saw 81
Interpretation of the dream: to fail

up against a pole 29
Translation: curiosity of neighbors

pole 63
Dream description: something hinder the road but you can overcome it with perseverance and patience

sharpen a razor 42
Meaning: treachery

sharpen a dagger 44
Translation of the dream: unlucky in love

sharpen halberd 38
Interpretation: security

sharpen knives 7
Sense of the dream: loss of a friend

sharpen razors 49
What does it mean: need to rush decisions

sharpen swords 46
Meaning of the dream: threatening disease

sharpen a knife 36
Description: anger and sorrow

sharpen a sword 62
Interpretation of the dream: continuation of disease

be at the Arctic Pole 44
Translation: you will not have the friendships you yearn

Antarctic pole 88
Dream description: Unexpected Journey

iron pole 42
Meaning: threads for interest

light pole 80
Translation of the dream: reorientation

support pole 9
Interpretation: non-resistance

indicator pole 48
Sense of the dream: independence to defend

plant a pole 66
What does it mean: momentary concerns

sharpen pencils 33
Meaning of the dream: lack of sociability

sharpen sharpener 69
Description: sudden change

horse pole 77

poplar pole 27

pole vineyard 45

North Pole 54

climbing a pole 56
Translation of the dream: difficulties still to be overcome

sharpen iron 28

sharpen objects 81

wheel of the sharpen objects 83
What does it mean: contrasts with friends

wooden balustrade 19
Meaning of the dream: economic well-being

wooden puppet 16
Description: cheerfulness justified

bust wooden 67
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

wooden shack 87
Translation: joy

wooden gate 83
Dream description: projects pleasant

wooden candlestick 42
Meaning: challenging decisions

wooden chest 25
Translation of the dream: painful renunciation

wooden box 70
Interpretation: extravagant actions

wooden little box 70
Sense of the dream: new ideas

wooden horse 56
What does it mean: lack of decision

wooden circle 17
Meaning of the dream: protection and aid

wooden donut 86
Description: good achievements

wooden column 55
Interpretation of the dream: good insights

wooden cross 31
Translation: events surprise

wooden spoon 28
Dream description: dalliances

wooden cradle 79
Meaning: Excessive fantasy

wooden matches 6
Translation of the dream: impulsive instincts

wooden fork 68
Interpretation: charm and benevolence

wooden keg 38
Sense of the dream: talk to neighbors

wooden steps 28
What does it mean: embarrassment of choice