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Shaken by fever. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shaken by fever. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shaken by fever 35
Meaning of the dream: you need to react to the fact that you do not like

fever 28
Description: cravings, frenzy, agitation

burning with fever 41
Interpretation of the dream: recovery from illness

delirious with fever 48
Translation: betrayal of woman

high fever 8
Dream description: Next healing

continued fever 49
Meaning: domain and activities

periodic fever 71
Translation of the dream: hidden energy

fever with delirium 11
Interpretation: resentment and jealousy

fever of malaria 2
Sense of the dream: indifference to others

fever of love 12
What does it mean: tolerance

numb fever 14
Meaning of the dream: small joys

sweating fever 89
Description: restlessness and nervousness

scarlet fever 39
Interpretation of the dream: fatality

shivering with fever 13
Translation: unwillingness

chilled fever 12

ill with fever 37

thrill for fever 44

fever throat 74

gastric fever 31

yellow fever 77

inflammatory fever 5

intestinal fever 6

low fever 80

puerperal fever 72

rheumatic fever 65

heal from fever 52

quart fever 47

doze off for fever 78

salt shaker 5
Sense of the dream: good agreement in family

salt shaker full 11
What does it mean: good agreement in family

empty salt shaker 82
Meaning of the dream: personal achievement

overthrow the salt shaker 8
Description: Restless Spirit

fill the salt shaker 85
Interpretation of the dream: minded

empty the salt shaker 2
Translation: uncertainty

buy the salt shaker 73
Dream description: supports important

give saltshaker 10
Meaning: friendships concerned

saltshaker glass 55
Translation of the dream: verbosity and gossip

salt shaker on the table 20
Interpretation: unexpected financial benefits

shake your head 40
Sense of the dream: confidence with your loved one

shake your arms 24
What does it mean: deceptions secrets

shake a tree 36
Meaning of the dream: imprudent speeches

shake a rug 11
Description: hard work

shake off sleep 51
Interpretation of the dream: new friends

shake hands 20
Translation: personal matter to be resolved

shaker 77
Dream description: Incoming letter

handshake between two men 59
Meaning: faithfulness in love

feverish delirium 62

feverish 10

feverish crying 66

milkshake 50

feverish who raves 7

feverfew 43
Description: get in the game

pepper shaker 84
Interpretation of the dream: You find yourself something or someone