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Shake the pen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shake the pen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shake your head 40
Meaning of the dream: confidence with your loved one

shake your arms 24
Description: deceptions secrets

shake a tree 36
Interpretation of the dream: imprudent speeches

shake a rug 11
Translation: hard work

shake off sleep 51
Dream description: new friends

shake hands 20
Meaning: personal matter to be resolved

pen 69
Translation of the dream: wisdom


inkwell with pen 37
Interpretation: opportunism

erase with the pen 40
Sense of the dream: indulgence of relatives

pen dipped 1
What does it mean: quiet family life

fountain pen 13
Meaning of the dream: incoming correspondence

silver pen 46
Description: fighting spirit

gold pen 61
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction from their children

ballpoint pen 36
Translation: grudges secrets

colored pen 77
Dream description: presumption and pride

chicken pen 34
Meaning: mistrust and pessimism

goose pen 17
Translation of the dream: small talk

give a pen 83
Interpretation: painful contrasts

portrait in pen 81
Sense of the dream: serious problems

iron pen 21
What does it mean: happy marriage

write with pen 24
Meaning of the dream: conclusion of business

find a pen 12
Description: Good news

auction pen 61

lost pen 77

pen stolen 52

pen found 54


dip the pen in his inkpot 64
Translation of the dream: you ll have a way into your business

suspended business 84
Interpretation: joys next

sharpen 24
Sense of the dream: sorrow, pride and vanity

sharpen a razor 42
What does it mean: treachery

sharpening scissors 45
Meaning of the dream: dangerous proposals

sharpen a saw 81
Description: to fail

sharpen a dagger 44
Interpretation of the dream: unlucky in love

sharpen halberd 38
Translation: security

open 81
Dream description: disillusion loving

open the eyes 29
Meaning: disillusion loving

open your mouth 3
Translation of the dream: vanity punished

open arms 27
Interpretation: fights with enemies

open the window 35
Sense of the dream: Good news coming

open shutters 18
What does it mean: serious danger averted

open a door or gate 5
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with neighbors

open a book 64
Description: purchase of favors

open a safe 56
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

open a chest 44
Translation: protections for the elderly

open a letter 24
Dream description: hopes dashed

open wardrobe 9
Meaning: next ailments

sharpen knives 7
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

sharpen razors 49
Interpretation: need to rush decisions

sharpen swords 46
Sense of the dream: threatening disease

pencil case 60
What does it mean: It is revealed the secret of someone or something

act of repentance 17
Meaning of the dream: complete serenity

mouth open 86
Description: continuous contrasts

not being able to open the mouth 53
Interpretation of the dream: recklessness in danger

open the hatch 13
Translation: new possibilities in work

sharpen a knife 36
Dream description: anger and sorrow

sharpen a sword 62
Meaning: continuation of disease

any opening 4
Translation of the dream: Light of hope

openings to the wall 49
Interpretation: good clue

appendicitis 33
Sense of the dream: life long

open gate 16
What does it mean: major changes

open the drawer 8
Meaning of the dream: money refund

cell penitentiary 90
Description: benefits and protections

open the latch 67
Interpretation of the dream: lucky in love

open manhole 40
Translation: Work inconclusive

scar open 2
Dream description: danger passed

sackcloth of penitence 2
Meaning: confusing situation

coachman opening the carriage 48
Translation of the dream: Fortunately social

hood open 48
Interpretation: damage and losses

penal colony 40
Sense of the dream: insolence by addicts

compensate 52
What does it mean: dangerous follies