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Shady deals. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shady deals. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shady deals 90
Meaning of the dream: revenge of envious

shady 26

shady campaign 17
Interpretation of the dream: visits from outside

shady valley 23
Translation: unforeseen events

shady avenue 11
Dream description: light contrasts

hoarding a deal 79
Meaning: fraud

deal with a businessman 71
Translation of the dream: next ailments

scuttle a deal 38
Interpretation: loneliness

deal with an animal 15
Sense of the dream: Success in business

deal with a drunk 31
What does it mean: ill-intentioned people

facilitate a deal 16
Meaning of the dream: protection not required

stay in the shade of a tree 23
Description: sudden aid

antique dealer 6
Interpretation of the dream: danger trips

antiques dealer who sells 70
Translation: unjustified animosity

antique dealer who cheats 55
Dream description: speculations wrong economic

be an antique dealer 45
Meaning: successful pleasant

deal with a contractor 60
Translation of the dream: unexpected fortune

lampshades 42
Interpretation: want to hide anything at all

combine a deal 28
Sense of the dream: good new home

dealer 73
What does it mean: projects to be reviewed

dishonest dealer 81
Meaning of the dream: work that is slow

be a dealer 60
Description: financial undertaking in favor

close a deal 58
Interpretation of the dream: mischief and cunning

decide a deal 16
Translation: grievances

see deal or negotiate with Jews 13
Dream description: loss

ensure a deal 48
Meaning: concerns for the future

strike a deal 33
Translation of the dream: laziness to win

offer a deal 19
Interpretation: likely changes

shadow 63
Sense of the dream: It feeds uncertainty for their own fate, fear of deception

see his own shadow 9
What does it mean: reports based on suspicion

see the shadow of others 69
Meaning of the dream: reputation compromised

stay in the shade 59
Description: conquest of goods

eat in the shade 76
Interpretation of the dream: scruples excessive and exaggerated

sleep in the shade 57
Translation: gumption

walking in the shade 19
Dream description: trouble overcome

make a deal of gold 71
Meaning: energy costs hurt

lampshade 26
Translation of the dream: hide behind someone can not give a solution to a problem, need courage and sincerity

shade cloth 54
Interpretation: difficult relationships

paper shade 72
Sense of the dream: willingness weak

think of a deal 12
What does it mean: risks and difficulties

repent of a deal 3
Meaning of the dream: friendly relations

drug dealer 37
Description: restlessness

see shadows or spirits 6
Interpretation of the dream: funeral

junk dealer 29
Translation: contrasts passengers

junk dealer who buys 54
Dream description: contrasts passengers

dealer fruit 63
Meaning: good opportunity to be seized

dealer walking 13
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness and good humor

attend a deal 23
Interpretation: good agreement with brothers

unravel a deal 15
Sense of the dream: pains and apprehensions

deal with a matchmaker 51
What does it mean: low energy

arranging a deal 77
Meaning of the dream: reasonable decision

press for a deal 82
Description: constancy in love

make a deal 36
Interpretation of the dream: risky business

deal with a loan shark 17
Translation: dangerous adventures

see ghosts or shadows 7
Dream description: obsequies

deal 75
Meaning: (Music) harmony in everything

treat a deal 13
Translation of the dream: reliable information

dealing with a woman 9
Interpretation: squabbles interest

dealing with a man 20
Sense of the dream: misjudgements

dealing with a partner 38
What does it mean: exceptional news

profitable deal 57
Meaning of the dream: appropriate measures