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Sewing white skirt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sewing white skirt. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white skirt 86
Meaning of the dream: joy and abandon

have white skirt 66
Description: taste

sewing shirt 61
Interpretation of the dream: secret pleasures

sewing linen 42
Translation: self confidence

sewing shoes 90
Dream description: tolerance

sewing curtains 9
Meaning: frivolity and inconstancy

sewing trousers 36
Translation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

sewing handkerchiefs 75
Interpretation: reduced activity

sewing sheets 55
Sense of the dream: aid determinants

thimble for sewing 24
What does it mean: vain hopes

sewing machine 40
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated ambition

sewing the garment 46
Description: high hopes

sewing cloths 26
Interpretation of the dream: try to put a patch on your mistakes

sewing mattresses 53
Translation: happy event

skirt 10
Dream description: laziness, adversity

try the skirt 76
Meaning: overreact

colorful skirt 15
Translation of the dream: want made

stained skirt 16
Interpretation: chatter and gossip

silk skirt 12
Sense of the dream: good position

cotton skirt 17
What does it mean: amorous conquest

velvet skirt 74
Meaning of the dream: extravagant spending

short skirt 69
Description: bad business

long skirt 32
Interpretation of the dream: danger of deception

skirt out of fashion 6
Translation: you regret the past

wear skirt 52
Dream description: proposals to carefully consider

fold the skirt 84
Meaning: missed opportunity

colored skirt 19
Translation of the dream: argument with a woman

skirt long 32
Interpretation: discontent and momentary troubles

shorten a skirt 42
Sense of the dream: attitudes too undecided

bloody skirt 2
What does it mean: exaggerated pride

wool skirt 27
Meaning of the dream: excessive criticism

clean skirt 56
Description: troublesome issues

green skirt 67
Interpretation of the dream: invitation welcome

tight skirt 66
Translation: disturbing thoughts

White 10
Dream description: purity, sensitivity of mind

white dress 20
Meaning: joys and desires

white bathrobe 17
Translation of the dream: sorrows of love

White vinegar 13
Interpretation: decay

white towel 80
Sense of the dream: favorable circumstances

white mustache 90
What does it mean: economic prosperity

White flag 2
Meaning of the dream: painful surprise

White beard 42
Description: precision work

white attire 11
Interpretation of the dream: circumstances of fortune

white wall 30
Translation: sudden changes

White paper 14
Dream description: experiences from which to profit

ivory white 78
Meaning: strong sense of responsibility

White Ox 17
Translation of the dream: right introspection

herd white 27
Interpretation: death of a relative

be dressed in white 32
Sense of the dream: joy

ox white 77
What does it mean: money well earned

white whiskers 38
Meaning of the dream: you do not comply

white stocking 89
Description: imprudence dangerous