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Sewing label. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sewing label. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crooked label 74
Meaning of the dream: adaptability to the environment

Label bottle 86
Description: loyal solutions

major label 78
Interpretation of the dream: do not be swayed by friends

small label 65
Translation: new hope

sewing trousers 36
Dream description: ambition fulfilled

custom label 43
Meaning: sudden realization

sewing mattresses 53
Translation of the dream: happy event

sewing shoes 90
Interpretation: tolerance

sewing machine 40
Sense of the dream: exaggerated ambition

thimble for sewing 24
What does it mean: vain hopes

label relatives 79
Meaning of the dream: contradictory attitudes

sewing sheets 55
Description: aid determinants

sewing linen 42
Interpretation of the dream: self confidence

sewing handkerchiefs 75
Translation: reduced activity

sewing curtains 9
Dream description: frivolity and inconstancy

sewing shirt 61
Meaning: secret pleasures

sewing cloths 26
Translation of the dream: try to put a patch on your mistakes

label brand 18
Interpretation: you are easily influenced

sewing the garment 46
Sense of the dream: high hopes

Label the jar 21
What does it mean: You are looking for comfort from someone

girl stitching 28
Meaning of the dream: important meeting

etiquette read 80
Description: intelligence vivid

etiquette buy 4
Interpretation of the dream: Success in any field

cobbler stitching 39
Translation: ambitions fulfilled

etiquette give it away 90
Dream description: faithful friends

sewing the hem 16
Meaning: new friends

sew on a button 81
Translation of the dream: vain search for an ideal

sew 42
Interpretation: suspects

woman sews 5
Sense of the dream: existence agitated

sew dress 24
What does it mean: shyness and lack of confidence

seamstress who sews 52
Meaning of the dream: Adventure passing

sew the lining 50
Description: devout resignation

window sticker 74
Interpretation of the dream: someone who plot behind you

argue a seam 9
Translation: triumph of hostilities

tailoring modest 29
Dream description: serene happiness

tailoring country 34
Meaning: emotions of love

sew a dress 31
Translation of the dream: suspects

elegant tailoring 64
Interpretation: delays and mishaps

sew your own kit 47
Sense of the dream: insights incorrect

labels 17
What does it mean: solutions loyal

tailoring 12
Meaning of the dream: disappointed or weakened

put labels 21
Description: knowledge to be cultivated

workbasket 35
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with an enemy

labels for boxes 69
Translation: greater relaxation

eat with labels 23
Dream description: fears baseless

tailoring of city 8
Meaning: sensitive period

needleful of gold wire 14
Translation of the dream: high hopes for the future

thimble 68
Interpretation: important occasion that escapes for little forethought

counterfeit stamps 69
Sense of the dream: strangeness and originality

mark 41
What does it mean: you will be notified of a mishap

stitches 47
Meaning of the dream: You will soon be able to get out of a deadlock

silver thimble 88
Description: pride punished

brass thimble 71
Interpretation of the dream: discomforts passengers