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Serve sweet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream serve sweet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to serve 14
Meaning of the dream: vanity-free content

serve chamomile 42
Description: vanity-free content

serve in a restaurant 84
Interpretation of the dream: new knowledge important

serve the sauce 4
Translation: painful misunderstandings

serve deficiencies 50
Dream description: misuse of money

serve a sentence 18
Meaning: impatience environment

serve with children 19
Translation of the dream: visits like

serve cooking 42
Interpretation: good health

serve Mass 84
Sense of the dream: slow and continuous efforts

serve at the table 56
What does it mean: calmness in decisions

serve lunch 10
Meaning of the dream: chance of success

serve at home 18
Description: happiness in love

serve drinks 80
Interpretation of the dream: important protections

serve tea 74
Translation: economic benefits

serve the cake 74
Dream description: lifelong friends

serve or consular sick 57
Meaning: joy, profit, luck

sweet need 34
Translation of the dream: bread

looks sweet 17
Interpretation: poverty or misfortune

sweet brandy 40
Sense of the dream: Adventure passing

slice sweet 76
What does it mean: good business

sample sweet 54
Meaning of the dream: correspondence from loved ones

sweet drink 81
Description: projects overturned

mouthful of sweet 75
Interpretation of the dream: violent contrasts

sweet coffee 85
Translation: enthusiasm paid

singing sweet 67
Dream description: intense activity

sweet donut 8
Meaning: dangerous changes

sweet cream 20
Translation of the dream: lack of decision

cooking a sweet 14
Interpretation: hard work

sweet decoction 53
Sense of the dream: waivers necessary

cannolo (sweet) 34
What does it mean: happy news

taste sweet 86
Meaning of the dream: fraud

sweet cakes 20
Description: joy

sweet almonds 20
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous temptations

honey sweet 43
Translation: danger foiled

offer sweet 64
Dream description: contrasts minor

barley sweet 5
Meaning: great responsibility

sweet bread 10
Translation of the dream: contrasts with a young person

sweet pizza 15
Interpretation: to strengthen relations

sweet potion 53
Sense of the dream: sacrifices and renunciations

sweet violet 84
What does it mean: full success in every engagement

sweet smell 90
Meaning of the dream: harbinger of luck

sweet taste 15
Description: trouble passing

cut sweet 5
Interpretation of the dream: you regret the past

sweet grapes 10
Translation: unexpected meeting

sweet vanilla 79
Dream description: misunderstandings

sweet wine 13
Meaning: sorrows of love

sweet watermelon 33
Translation of the dream: sadness

sweet essence 65
Interpretation: considerable losses

sweet cheese 30
Sense of the dream: insightful

jujube sweet 71
What does it mean: mentality practice

sweet wrap 81
Meaning of the dream: you want to freely enjoy what life has to offer

sweeten sweet 61
Description: victory over your enemies and good tidings