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Separation desired. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream separation desired. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

separation desired 35
Meaning of the dream: second thoughts

proclamation desired 48

desired day 88

desired destitution 27

separation from home 46
Dream description: difficult character

separation from family 54
Meaning: tendency to rebellion

the pain of separation 60
Translation of the dream: just aspirations

forced separation 31
Interpretation: disappointing experience

marital separation 46
Sense of the dream: malignant speeches

legal separation 40
What does it mean: you want to be independent

lovers who are separated 18
Meaning of the dream: self confidence

conceive a desire 68
Description: lightness in spending

desire 3
Interpretation of the dream: hopes for the future

desire for love 18
Translation: new guidelines

honest desire 15
Dream description: tenacious work

dishonest desires 11
Meaning: extravagant excesses

considered separately or detached 60
Translation of the dream: you still will not reach your goal

throb of desire 20
Interpretation: imaginative character

separate without rancor 7
Sense of the dream: Good news

stifle desires 84
What does it mean: difficulties in work

yearning desire 49
Meaning of the dream: novelties from afar

separate or divide 5
Description: They expect serious troubles

extricate the desire 55

desire to air 55

desire for coffee 62

desire for women 35

desire for children 60

desire for fortune 1

desire to work 20

desire for money 2

desire for revenge 39

desire to win 2

desire for jewels 56

extreme desire 76