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Seek confirmation of something. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream seek confirmation of something. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

seek understanding 65
Meaning of the dream: Expect good news

Confirmation of many children 53
Description: new and good friendships

Confirmation of a child 79
Interpretation of the dream: maturation of projects

bishop confirmation 33
Translation: valid and lasting relationships

receive confirmation 47
Dream description: inner balance

seek mercy 24
Meaning: Unexpected gifts

godfather Confirmation 81
Translation of the dream: happy time

Favor Confirmation 57
Interpretation: ideas difficult to implement

archbishop who Confirmation 85
Sense of the dream: encouraging results

mixture of something 79
What does it mean: period of confusion

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Meaning of the dream: sense of responsibility

confirmation 66
Description: new aspirations

seek portfolio 14
Interpretation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

hassle of something 23
Translation: letter waiting good

wave something 54
Dream description: danger averted

report something 15
Meaning: you will avoid a person that you loved a bad experience

something glittery 4
Translation of the dream: happy time

break something 25
Interpretation: period of nervousness

something unwanted 11
Sense of the dream: you are not comfortable morally

drag something 16
What does it mean: you need to regenerate

Final confirmation 6
Meaning of the dream: make sure your future

something unpredictable 84
Description: careful not to make mistakes

renew something 64
Interpretation of the dream: improved romantic relationships

assemble something 60
Translation: you are trying to resist problems in love

quantify something 40
Dream description: small economic difficulties

something interactive 60
Meaning: do not get the answers that you would like

seek their fortune 43
Translation of the dream: goals not too far away

fear of something 50
Interpretation: tedium and care

something melt 10
Sense of the dream: dangers

unlock something 22
What does it mean: positive news

the impression of something expand 85
Meaning of the dream: good news for letter

realize something 54
Description: travel plans

share, sharing something 41
Interpretation of the dream: you have a few trusted friends

draw wheat from something 46
Translation: disease

godmother for Confirmation 32
Dream description: sorrows, tears

chip away at something 8
Meaning: there's something wrong that should be addressed

something transparent 30
Translation of the dream: themes that your reputation is compromised

look like something 31
Interpretation: objects that you own are very important to you

wear something new 7
Sense of the dream: joy and profit

disgust for something 33
What does it mean: family discussions

seek relief 39
Meaning of the dream: little understanding

seek employment 72
Description: to overcome grievances

preparation for Confirmation 18
Interpretation of the dream: freedom in your trades

see set something 12
Translation: suffering infidelity

anxiety of something 23
Dream description: overcome their enemies

bring something heavy 80
Meaning: new offspring will increase the family

see something rot 50
Translation of the dream: you missed the opportunity

describe something 26
Interpretation: well inspired actions

seek recovery 10
Sense of the dream: contrasts secrets