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See whale. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see whale. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see whale 89
Meaning of the dream: future plans

whale on the beach 88
Description: restlessness

dead whale 74
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements with family

whale swims 32
Translation: test of courage

whale 49
Dream description: tune with your sense of spirituality

whale bone 82
Meaning: vanity will damage

see crowds 64
Translation of the dream: contrasts in love

see diamonds 28
Interpretation: enormous damage

see snow 78
Sense of the dream: unexpected novelty

see soldiers 36
What does it mean: results stimulants

see kites 6
Meaning of the dream: You receive the gift of a fruit basket

see trees 12
Description: good health

see chocolate 10
Interpretation of the dream: wealth and well-being

see eclipse 77
Translation: damage business

see his sister 7
Dream description: mentality practice

give whaling 46
Meaning: excessive fatigue

see light candleholder 40
Translation of the dream: birth

see beautiful girls 57
Interpretation: joy and frolic

see beautiful ankles 77
Sense of the dream: useful meetings

see dancing monkeys 64
What does it mean: good business

see monks 15
Meaning of the dream: astuteness

see guys fight 66
Description: petulance

see ridiculous things 19
Interpretation of the dream: joy

see blooming poppies 19
Translation: talk to neighbors

see garlic 27
Dream description: fleeting pleasures

see sick 78
Meaning: coldness in love

see armor 54
Translation of the dream: tormenting doubt

see plane 65
Interpretation: good health

see stones 77
Sense of the dream: disease, anguish

see son 25
What does it mean: economic concerns

see cypresses 52
Meaning of the dream: illness in the family

see nails 22
Description: are you happy to be popular among your friends

see wheels 1
Interpretation of the dream: infirmity

see flood 18
Translation: deceptions of love

see ablution 41
Dream description: failures

see customs 87
Meaning: They were made of embarrassing questions

see beehive 23
Translation of the dream: distrust of friends

see academy 70
Interpretation: profit

see devils 14
Sense of the dream: for elderly patients is a sad omen

see testicles 20
What does it mean: live very badly your sexuality

see joys 31
Meaning of the dream: fortune

see wreck 35
Description: what remains a happy time now finished

see intestines 45
Interpretation of the dream: Lawsuit family, the distance from which will be born of a relative loss, grief

see cows 1
Translation: prosperity in proportion to the number

see a bear 10
Dream description: powerful enemies, rich, bold, cruel, but little skilled

see a magician 48
Meaning: attention to friends

see a clash 23
Translation of the dream: contrasts with friends

see Sergeant 25
Interpretation: surprise

see a swarm of bees 63
Sense of the dream: fire

see iron chains 11
What does it mean: imprisonment

see harvest 31
Meaning of the dream: health recovery

see a bishop 62
Description: luck to a friend

see a vulture 19
Interpretation of the dream: Long and difficult negotiations