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See so many postcards. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see so many postcards. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

frank postcards 42
Meaning of the dream: actions thin

so many ladybugs 54
Description: little good news

post cards 16
Interpretation of the dream: small problems to solve

see many cobs 9
Translation: being safe

see many clothes hanging 67
Dream description: pain

see many airplanes 88
Meaning: victory over discord

see many bats 3
Translation of the dream: severe loss

see many eggs 63
Interpretation: the wealth that you have to have deserved

see many wild 45
Sense of the dream: between colleagues do not understand you

see many cockroaches 14
What does it mean: bad omen, you get sick seriously

see many giraffes 88
Meaning of the dream: less arrogance and more humility

see many gadfly 52
Description: you re surrounded by enemies

see many fir 68
Interpretation of the dream: success in business

see many hazelnuts 55
Translation: you have several concerns

see many children 12
Dream description: difficulties in life

Zeeland, see many Zeelanders 21
Meaning: ruin

see many curves 16
Translation of the dream: your life will change

see many pigs 35
Interpretation: You do brisk business

see many mice 44
Sense of the dream: very difficult

see many actors 27
What does it mean: success happy and great satisfaction

see many reapers 7
Meaning of the dream: prosperity in business

see many airplanes in the sky 88
Description: victory over old quarrels

see many infants 31
Interpretation of the dream: have any financial worries

see many granite slabs 21
Translation: You receive soon a lot of money

see many goats (sheep) together 28
Dream description: inheritance

plenty of cards 36
Meaning: unfortunate speculation

see a lot of fodder 36
Translation of the dream: fortune

see many anchovies 14
Interpretation: good fortune that you will remember

see many people 17
Sense of the dream: health and safety

see many plane trees 34
What does it mean: common sense

postcard collection 28
Meaning of the dream: hopes

see a savage 41
Description: an unpredictable person

see many witches in the pigsty 28
Interpretation of the dream: you like to see your wealth

see someone chase 8
Translation: lightness of purpose

see someone run 77
Dream description: novelty

see 5
Meaning: understanding and intellectual awareness

see many anchovies lives 75
Translation of the dream: fortune

see advertising 90
Interpretation: deceptions

see their backs 28
Sense of the dream: injury miserable old age

see someone under the stairs 34
What does it mean: unjustly suspected of a person

see the sun 82
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

see evil 3
Description: clarification as to give

see a cemetery 75
Interpretation of the dream: illness in the family

see a blacksmith 73
Translation: lack of self-confidence

see the feathers 36
Dream description: satisfaction

see a mountaineer 22
Meaning: visit unwelcome

see a pioneer 77
Translation of the dream: fortune

see the reindeer 70
Interpretation: good health