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See plant basil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see plant basil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see a melissa (plant) 17
Meaning of the dream: incautious purchases and damages related

see the lotus plant 41
Description: you have something to behold

basil 43
Interpretation of the dream: goodness, gentleness and deep love

essence of basil 6
Translation: Danger averted

plant 7
Dream description: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

acanthus herbaceous plant 9
Meaning: okay

collect a Larkspur (plant) 3
Translation of the dream: loves passengers

milfoil (plant) 78
Interpretation: joy

Maple (plant) 9
Sense of the dream: enjoyment

carnivorous plant 57
What does it mean: you need your partner

wormwood plant 52
Meaning of the dream: kindness of friends

design plant 64
Description: bitter internal conflict

sunflower plant 41
Interpretation of the dream: dispersion of forces

rare plant 23
Translation: confidence and affection

plant verbena 56
Dream description: fluke

plant saffron 70
Meaning: great illusions

sever a plant 24
Translation of the dream: waste of money

knapweed plant 5
Interpretation: long life

rhubarb plant 60
Sense of the dream: unexpected bonus

hundred leaves (plant) 13
What does it mean: you will be disillusioned

plant with flowers 19
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen events

passionflower, therapeutic plant 44
Description: go to very useful and peaceful period

plant parsley 13
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in family

wheat plant it 4
Translation: excellent prospects

plant thorn 40
Dream description: health

vase with a plant 51
Meaning: new horizons

dry plant 70
Translation of the dream: likely misunderstandings

plant bud 16
Interpretation: decisions guess

pot plant 80
Sense of the dream: changes conducive

wilting plant 27
What does it mean: you have to correct a major error

flax plant 30
Meaning of the dream: fickle nature

vanilla plant 22
Description: impromptu welcome

green plant 84
Interpretation of the dream: deserved recognition

plant in the ground 38
Translation: new experience

geranium plant 27
Dream description: earnings

lupines on plant 62
Meaning: favorable opportunities

oregano aromatic plant 44
Translation of the dream: earnings

aloe (medicinal plant) 23
Interpretation: health

will plant 32
Sense of the dream: experiences to build on

see the nettle 77
What does it mean: sadness

see fireflies 19
Meaning of the dream: changes for the better and positivity

see owls 2
Description: misfortune

see stilt 48
Interpretation of the dream: bright ideas

see lice 19
Translation: pleasant novelty

grow plant 27
Dream description: money

aquatic plant 33
Meaning: sensitive nature

bean plant 16
Translation of the dream: good business

poison plant 73
Interpretation: situation not to force

plant wheat 25
Sense of the dream: family welfare

see the fox 88
What does it mean: deception female

see a sheen 4
Meaning of the dream: joy for the hostess

see advertising 90
Description: deceptions

pullulation plant 42
Interpretation of the dream: renovation

water the plant 20
Translation: good earnings

see their backs 28
Dream description: injury miserable old age