Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

See or hear sound a gypsy (player). Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: see or hear sound a gypsy (player)

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hear the alarm sound 55
Meaning of the dream: projects to be completed

gypsy 64
Dream Interpretation: you are very changeable character

Gypsy camp 90
Meanings of dreams: end of discord

gypsy orchestra 30
Dream Interpretations: new points of view

see a gypsy play 55
What does this mean: sentimental adventure

gypsy caravan 73

sound 50
Meaning of the dream: to dream that you are dreaming, signifies your emotional state. you are overly worried and fearful of a situation or circumstance that you are living

acute sound 66
Dream Interpretation: great volubility

sound the horn 50
Meanings of dreams: reckless actions

muddy sound 56
Dream Interpretations: distrust and jealousy

perceive sound 37
What does this mean: obstinacy

hoarse sound 3
What does it mean: programs to change

sound of thunder 69
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings clarified

clock sound 87
Dream Interpretation: waste of energy

sound of an instrument 4
Meanings of dreams: trip to return

prolonged sound 31
Dream Interpretations: false alarm

wake up to the sound 7
What does this mean: complex to be overcome

acuteness of sound 66

player 55
Meaning of the dream: prosperity achieved

see a player 12
Dream Interpretation: solid union

be a player 64
Meanings of dreams: fears and anxieties

Walking a player 55
Dream Interpretations: prosperity achieved

son of player 45
What does this mean: loss of money

player prestige 12
What does it mean: expenditures aimlessly

see a player lose 90
Meaning of the dream: risky business

see a player win 31
Dream Interpretation: Good news

piano player 77
Meanings of dreams: strained relations

guitar player 71
Dream Interpretations: extravagant thoughts

harp player 11
What does this mean: major change

flute player 69
What does it mean: dynamism messy

trumpet player 65
Meaning of the dream: programs to change

violin player 63
Dream Interpretation: emotional intensity

cello player 10
Meanings of dreams: insincerity

player wanderer 23
Dream Interpretations: novelty attractive

cheer a player 10

card player 66

record player 81

old record player 63

hear alarm 14
Meaning of the dream: protection from family

hear Mass 30
Dream Interpretation: unjustified humiliation

hear a song 36
Meanings of dreams: opposition in the emotional life

gossip you hear 30
Dream Interpretations: Good news

hear bells 84
What does this mean: alarms, complaints, seductions, defamation

hear a ragman 42
What does it mean: you will have to do with people in high places

hear an echo 18
Meaning of the dream: visits

hear whistling 9
Dream Interpretation: you will be warned

hear praises 18
Meanings of dreams: good friends

hear a cricket 18
Dream Interpretations: the sick: a sign of worsening

hear talking 11
What does this mean: impulsive decision

hear a plan 26
What does it mean: Happy Marriage

hear a gasp 48
Meaning of the dream: hunches and intuition

hear the revolver 62
Dream Interpretation: bright ideas

laugh to hear 10
Meanings of dreams: ambiguous situation

hear the pealing 6
Dream Interpretations: unnecessary troubles

hear about a scandal 49
What does this mean: expenses limit

hear noises 23
What does it mean: interesting talks