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See nomads. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream see nomads. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tribe of nomads 53
Meaning of the dream: passing infatuation

see pus 15
Description: bad temptations

see ears 66
Interpretation of the dream: gain

see eagle 57
Translation: gain money

see drowned 42
Dream description: aid coming

see bat 46
Meaning: health hazard

see the pill 70
Translation of the dream: you re frantically searching for a remedy

see rotting 38
Interpretation: do not waste your precious time

see upholstery 25
Sense of the dream: deception, abuse of confidence

see bread 63
What does it mean: speculation advantageous

see pastries 62
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprise

see usurer 82
Description: speculations dangerous

see smallpox 50
Interpretation of the dream: great nervous tension

see fertilizer 75
Translation: new profitable business

see nuns 20
Dream description: You will be known as pious people

see sunflower 27
Meaning: your warm love will not be paid

see abyss 28
Translation of the dream: good faith

see constellations 16
Interpretation: luck in the game unlucky in love

see dragons 34
Sense of the dream: contempt and humiliation

see flea 90
What does it mean: you are afraid that you do gossip about you

see flashing 4
Meaning of the dream: honors

see daffodils 30
Description: sympathy lightning

see hosts 83
Interpretation of the dream: a next desired news

see motorcycle 20
Translation: successful completion of tests

see sphere 40
Dream description: inner balance

see shoemaking 15
Meaning: need protection

see the lard 32
Translation of the dream: good business

see porcelain 2
Interpretation: you re living a very delicate situation

see laurel 65
Sense of the dream: pleasures and good relations

see emerald 27
What does it mean: excessive impulsiveness

see broccoli 76
Meaning of the dream: constant anxiety

see coconut 35
Description: you have the right rewards

see platinum 45
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

see discotheque 18
Translation: envy

see alps 32
Dream description: longevity

see vampire 78
Meaning: fears and difficulties

see gold coin 25
Translation of the dream: pain

see hands 28
Interpretation: honors

see bullet in the air 70
Sense of the dream: pitfalls

see the moth 16
What does it mean: judgments little benevolent

see the cow milking 37
Meaning of the dream: problems solved

see mouth throat 90
Description: fulfillment of their hopes

see brambles 67
Interpretation of the dream: you are afraid of someone who apparently is quiet

see cockroaches 50
Translation: trouble from work

see cats on the roof 1
Dream description: unfavorable successful your business

see pick olives 26
Meaning: solutions difficult

see fly almond 70
Translation of the dream: suffer losses

see basilica outside 56
Interpretation: person does not love you

see coin 27
Sense of the dream: projects lenses work

see rain 37
What does it mean: momentary glitches

see milker 83
Meaning of the dream: a friend protects you from perfidious actions of many enemies