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See half public. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see half public. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

public newspaper 76
Meaning of the dream: important decision

waiter of local public 54
Description: malignancy verbal

court choirs public 77
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected proposals

public school 55
Translation: pressing interests

public debt 82
Dream description: process lost

scandalize public 78
Meaning: emotional problems

see several religious 35
Translation of the dream: loss of friends

contact with the public 6
Interpretation: nervousness accentuated

abad in a public place 47
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

cackle in a public place 68
What does it mean: success in work

public chapel 38
Meaning of the dream: spiritual torment

halve 70
Description: goodness of heart

public meeting 67
Interpretation of the dream: expenses to return

public canteen 55
Translation: confident hope

see an elder 70
Dream description: critically

public access 53
Meaning: unusual knowledge

half-close 21
Translation of the dream: experience fun

public write 62
Interpretation: distress of short duration

public garden 15
Sense of the dream: momentary embarrassment


see an ostrich 45
What does it mean: Good news

public office 19
Meaning of the dream: lack of generosity

public tombola 84
Description: accommodation business

public hall 1
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

public hygiene 77
Translation: something will take to abandon certain streets

see fireflies 19
Dream description: changes for the better and positivity

see owls 2
Meaning: misfortune

see stilt 48
Translation of the dream: bright ideas

public fund 67
Interpretation: imbroglio

public fountain or source 22
Sense of the dream: new projects

see lice 19
What does it mean: pleasant novelty

see mold 71
Meaning of the dream: No improvements, no worsening

Brigadier public security 55
Description: unscrupulous attitudes

see several criminals 27
Interpretation of the dream: visits to many people of knowledge

expose to the public 54
Translation: accusations burning

urinating in public 36
Dream description: you need to be more open

see a player lose 90
Meaning: risky business

see the fox 88
Translation of the dream: deception female

public park 6
Interpretation: satisfaction

see a sheen 4
Sense of the dream: joy for the hostess

see advertising 90
What does it mean: deceptions

See dead mother 47
Meaning of the dream: increase of consideration

genitals exposed to public view 81
Description: next punishment of your crimes

see their backs 28
Interpretation of the dream: injury miserable old age

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Translation: bond of friendship alive and new

half moon 6
Dream description: big loss

see the crock 57
Meaning: can not you see what does not work

see the quintet 65
Translation of the dream: affirmation difficult

see several moons 48
Interpretation: you offspring

see Monsignor officiate 55
Sense of the dream: power

see fall baby 71
What does it mean: problems in the affections

see catch fish 4
Meaning of the dream: children in poor health or dumb

public house with drunk 23
Description: pitfalls

see police 80
Interpretation of the dream: important news

see a player 12
Translation: solid union

see the Magi 11
Dream description: It will be made to honor your bravery and honesty

pineapple cut in half 21
Meaning: vain confidence in the groom or the bride