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See cloud of smoke. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see cloud of smoke. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cloud 63
Meaning of the dream: sense of duty

white cloud 49
Description: usury

dark cloud 69
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

cloud over the sun 13
Translation: sense of duty

cloud over the moon 54
Dream description: Patience and perseverance

cloud horizon 1
Meaning: introspection

cloud over the sky 55
Translation of the dream: goodwill

cloud over time 77
Interpretation: anger

cloud of a face 45
Sense of the dream: litigious aggression

cloud over the day 45

smoke 10
Meaning of the dream: you'll get great consideration

to smoke 36
Description: you'll get great consideration

see smoke 24
Interpretation of the dream: good business

ask to smoke 56

to smoke fish 46
Dream description: amazement

to smoke eel 43
Meaning: lost fortune

smoke room 17
Translation of the dream: deception of love

column of smoke 90
Interpretation: excessive lavishness

smoke fire 1
Sense of the dream: good relations

coal smoke 22
What does it mean: violent temper

smoke of incense 65
Meaning of the dream: good harmony in the family

smoke candles 86
Description: complex to be overcome

smoke and mirrors 47
Interpretation of the dream: defeats and disappointments

weep for smoke 41
Translation: anxiety and uncertainty

black smoke 31
Dream description: bad omen

white smoke 81
Meaning: You granted them six to someone

I smoke and mirrors 86
Translation of the dream: you will be deceived

see smoke in action 26
Interpretation: put in place your revenge

smoke plume 90
Sense of the dream: excessive lavishness

smell of smoke 50
What does it mean: tough business

puffing smoke 36
Meaning of the dream: irritability accentuated

Smoke Abuse 13

asphyxiated with smoke 42

see smoke coming from the chimney 28
Translation: marriage in sight

see Abbess 45
Dream description: desire for honors

see many fir 68
Meaning: success in business

see a dry fir 18
Translation of the dream: heartache

see abyss 28
Interpretation: good faith

see a house 89
Sense of the dream: new friends

see your home 11
What does it mean: opposition falling

see themselves in the act of abjuring 32
Meaning of the dream: victory over the enemy

see ablution 41
Description: failures

see an aborigine 32
Interpretation of the dream: energy on the rise

see apse 88
Translation: important news

see academy 70
Dream description: profit

see many anchovies lives 75
Meaning: fortune

vinegar cloudy 25
Translation of the dream: wise warning

see acne on the face of others 42
Interpretation: protection

cloudy water 44
Sense of the dream: Good news

see a watercolor 66
What does it mean: unnecessary waiting

see a teenager 3
Meaning of the dream: next trip

see an airplane 8
Description: some deception

see many airplanes 88
Interpretation of the dream: victory over discord

see an airport 35
Translation: triumph in the fight

smoked cheese 82
Dream description: loves passengers

smoked meat 55
Meaning: pain avoided

smoked sausages 56
Translation of the dream: tranquility

smoked chestnuts 35
Interpretation: quarrels

See agenda 40
Sense of the dream: opposition in family

see garlic 27
What does it mean: fleeting pleasures

see halberd 36
Meaning of the dream: resentments unnecessary

see the sunrise 77
Description: improvement of situation

see a hotel 67
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

see an albino 20
Translation: hassles passengers

see a bishop 62
Dream description: luck to a friend

see laurel 65
Meaning: pleasures and good relations

see alps 32
Translation of the dream: longevity

see a woman in the swing 33
Interpretation: concerns passing

see a child in the swing 8
Sense of the dream: dangerous pitfalls

see a man in the swing 16
What does it mean: arrogance of friends