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See a thirsty. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see a thirsty. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see a thirsty 21
Meaning of the dream: altruism

thirsty army 28
Description: luck in love

be thirsty 89
Interpretation of the dream: risk of disease

give water to a thirsty 7
Translation: you are generous

see an invalid 18
Dream description: aid to people close friends

see a scrap 41
Meaning: a person can take away everything you have

see a greyhound 20
Translation of the dream: novelty

see a mermaid 6
Interpretation: betrayal uproar in the family

see a hospital 70
Sense of the dream: anxieties secret

see a mountaineer 22
What does it mean: visit unwelcome

see a laboratory 18
Meaning of the dream: trouble ahead

see a clown 80
Description: cunning and bad faith

see a main 65
Interpretation of the dream: emotional reactions

see a open bus 49
Translation: new events

see a pioneer 77
Dream description: fortune

see a lifeguard at sea 6
Meaning: novelty in view

see the convent 7
Translation of the dream: changes and novelties

see another naked 20
Interpretation: desires anxious

see a steamer from 39
Sense of the dream: melancholy and depression

see a savage 41
What does it mean: an unpredictable person

see a slope 30
Meaning of the dream: Suspend your business expects a better time

see an elderly person 42
Description: happiness

see an incognito 21
Interpretation of the dream: visit of a friend who was believed underground

see a swamp 11
Translation: complicated situation

see a city 73
Dream description: prosperity and good business

see a wrathful 9
Meaning: misfortune

see someone running 34
Translation of the dream: moderates impulsivity

see a house 89
Interpretation: new friends

see a poppy 66
Sense of the dream: dishonor and impatience

see a fence 16
What does it mean: always protect you annoy

see a camel 18
Meaning of the dream: magnetism exaggerated

see a midwife 2
Description: pitfall and disease

see a deer 83
Interpretation of the dream: increase in wealth

see a trout in water 34
Translation: delight

see a slug 9
Dream description: honorary post

see a scaffold 6
Meaning: major gains

see a kidney 68
Translation of the dream: optimal health

see a squirrel 34
Interpretation: surprise

see a trough 14
Sense of the dream: you will fall in the mud, what you will lose your good reputation

see a tulip 67
What does it mean: you ll love of a beautiful girl but without spirit

see a bishop 62
Meaning of the dream: luck to a friend

see a herd 12
Description: joy

see a prison 67
Interpretation of the dream: constant hard work and

see a wasp 17
Translation: unwelcome news

see a friend naked 44
Dream description: serious discord

see a cemetery 75
Meaning: illness in the family

see a blacksmith 73
Translation of the dream: lack of self-confidence

see a willow 21
Interpretation: sadness and loss

see a malefactor 30
Sense of the dream: death of friends

see a rock 44
What does it mean: distortion of the truth

see a hurricane 70
Meaning of the dream: you are in crisis

see a toad 49
Description: deception of love

see a village 9
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to avoid