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See a red insect. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see a red insect. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

insect 3
Meaning of the dream: try not to be too hard on the faults of others

catch an insect 55
Description: ambition

crush an insect 30
Interpretation of the dream: social success

insect on person 73
Translation: chatter unpleasant

Fly insect 69
Dream description: bad intentions

red dress 48
Meaning: security

red sea 32
Translation of the dream: great energy

insect sting 28
Interpretation: nagging thoughts

see all red 26
Sense of the dream: rebellious

Red awl 63
What does it mean: strong emotions in love

Red velvet 52
Meaning of the dream: letter providential

Red Hat 37
Description: incoming letter

match red 46
Interpretation of the dream: struggle with the environment

red 60
Translation: passion

red bra 44
Dream description: amorous encounters

red horizon at sunset 19
Meaning: friends will come to your rescue

insect walking 28
Translation of the dream: messy business

Red radish 43
Interpretation: false alarm

red face 22
Sense of the dream: seriousness of purpose

red gallon 33
What does it mean: danger of deceit

see a red kite 25
Meaning of the dream: I will be in contact with bad people, jealousy

red sky 4
Description: quarrels with relatives

red sign 68
Interpretation of the dream: bloodshed

Red color 26
Translation: happy relationships

red cat 83
Dream description: momentary infatuation

red waistcoat 18
Meaning: indecision harmful

Red Dog 27
Translation of the dream: conclusion of business

beetle (insect) 8
Interpretation: do not be discouraged, everything will turn out well

red rabbit 85
Sense of the dream: dedication to a loved one

watermelon red 27
What does it mean: Danger averted

chickpea red 13
Meaning of the dream: economic improvement

red coral 42
Description: inner security

red pike 39
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

see a sheen 4
Translation: joy for the hostess

red teenager 66
Dream description: hatred declared

see a cemetery 75
Meaning: illness in the family

see a mussel 39
Translation of the dream: moments of happiness

red geranium 16
Interpretation: favors from man

insect flying 88
Sense of the dream: small loss

see a mountebank 62
What does it mean: jealousy and contrasts

see a harlequin 17
Meaning of the dream: regret dissipated, malice, hypocrisy

see the fox 88
Description: deception female

see a sundial 18
Interpretation of the dream: if you want to help overcome a difficult period

see the stork 32
Translation: changes to deal

see the owl 8
Dream description: new worrying events

see the inn 65
Meaning: secret desires

see the witch 41
Translation of the dream: good faith betrayed

red leather 22
Interpretation: difficult relationships

apple red 69
Sense of the dream: interesting novelty

see the turtle 12
What does it mean: lack of prudence

see a Whale Calf 69
Meaning of the dream: You have some doubts still unresolved

red pencil 44
Description: capacity for endurance

see the beetle walk 31
Interpretation of the dream: professional success

red apparatus 2
Translation: inner resources