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See a bishop. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream see a bishop. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see a bishop 62
Meaning of the dream: luck to a friend

bishop chess 7
Description: safety in the future

bishop 32
Interpretation of the dream: someone who respects and admires

bishop confirmation 33
Translation: valid and lasting relationships

Bishop preaches 63
Dream description: renewal energies

bishop in church 4
Meaning: new events

bishop at the altar 11
Translation of the dream: good omen

bishop at a sick 57
Interpretation: damage and loss

Bishop blesses 68
Sense of the dream: tips to follow

bishop pastor 8

Bishop celebrates Mass 48
Meaning of the dream: delighted family events

bishop who confesses 78
Description: support flattering

sacristy with Bishop 18
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected proposal

go with a bishop 20

altar with a bishop 90
Dream description: authorities conquered

Bishop with pastoral 60
Meaning: inner conquests

Bishop died 87
Translation of the dream: violent emotions

memorial to Bishop 10

be a bishop 56
Sense of the dream: secret ambitions

Bishop in procession 77
What does it mean: calm and serenity

bishop's cross 62

kissing the ring to the bishop 2
Description: excellent relations

see son 25
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

see a bear 10
Translation: powerful enemies, rich, bold, cruel, but little skilled

see a magician 48
Dream description: attention to friends

see a clash 23
Meaning: contrasts with friends

bishop's cap 13

see a vulture 19
Interpretation: Long and difficult negotiations

see a malefactor 30
Sense of the dream: death of friends

see a herd 12
What does it mean: joy

see a camel 18
Meaning of the dream: magnetism exaggerated

see a peacock 24
Description: hubris

see a monkey 8
Interpretation of the dream: a person makes fun

blessing of the bishop 40

see a spider 76
Dream description: mental laziness

see a stranger 1
Meaning: great success

see a donkey 36
Translation of the dream: unpleasant events

see a deer 83
Interpretation: increase in wealth

see a monster 46
Sense of the dream: contrasts of love

see a lizard 48
What does it mean: You have regrets of the past

see a toad 49
Meaning of the dream: deception of love

see a ruby 27
Description: excessive impulsiveness

see a village 9
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to avoid

see a kite 25
Translation: I will be in contact with bad people, jealousy

see a rock 44
Dream description: distortion of the truth

see a pyre 21
Meaning: you will fall again in trespasses or sins

see the pope 7
Translation of the dream: serenity of spirit

see a shrine 7
Interpretation: pleasant novelty

see a tourist 77
Sense of the dream: Good news

see an airport 35
What does it mean: triumph in the fight

see a robot 66
Meaning of the dream: good news

see a precipice 22
Description: restlessness

see a pilot 49
Interpretation of the dream: feel admiration for a person more determined than you

see a wild boar 12
Translation: energy physics

see their buttocks 52
Dream description: childhood

see a house 89
Meaning: new friends

see a crane 35
Translation of the dream: auspicious