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Secret relationship. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream secret relationship. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

relationship 85
Meaning of the dream: easy job performance

employment relationship 23
Description: future plans

family relationship 50
Interpretation of the dream: important meeting

Relationship of friendship 20
Translation: intimacy to defend

relationship with a man 5
Dream description: happy hours

relationship with a woman 77
Meaning: proposal to sift

relationship with parents 49
Translation of the dream: happy events

business relationship 45
Interpretation: discussions with employees

start a relationship 87
Sense of the dream: you regret the past

loving relationship 76
What does it mean: abandonment of a friend

surgical relationship 78
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit

legal relationship 33
Description: achievements

Constructive Relationship 8
Interpretation of the dream: anger, wrath

relationship with people in high places 35
Translation: exhausting wait

secret 11
Dream description: things full of mystery will attract

keep secret 69
Meaning: new hope

listen in secret 3
Translation of the dream: realization of hopes of love

steal a secret 40
Interpretation: needs of families

secret conspiracy 12
Sense of the dream: feeling of insecurity

eating in secret 79
What does it mean: nostalgia for things past

observe a secret 23
Meaning of the dream: interior renewal

secret door 18
Description: difficult relationships

recommending a secret 1
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous opponent

secret staircase 73
Translation: evidence of affection

discovery of a secret 84
Dream description: ties unstable

secret ballot 31
Meaning: limited benefits

family secret 37
Translation of the dream: serious responsibility

state secret 19
Interpretation: freedom of action

be released from secret 33
Sense of the dream: profitable business

reveal a secret 61
What does it mean: hopes faded

betray a secret 31
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty and anxiety

violating a secret 17
Description: need for caution

secret pin 6
Interpretation of the dream: economic failings

letter secret 15
Translation: money refund

secret prison 52
Dream description: willingness weak

confide a secret 76
Meaning: tenacious fighting spirit

talk in secret 76
Translation of the dream: concerns

secret news 89
Interpretation: issues to be forgotten

secret Passage 67
Sense of the dream: You would like to try something transgressive

revelation of a secret 7
What does it mean: hazards to avoid

deserter surprise a secret 50
Meaning of the dream: news of an absent, sadness

deliver a secret message 81
Description: disappointment in the professional field

entrust secrets 66
Interpretation of the dream: insult received

tie relations 51
Translation: good intentions

extort secrets 11
Dream description: business risked

poor relation 20
Meaning: cycle lucky

break relations 37
Translation of the dream: social duties to be performed

business relations 28
Interpretation: disorderly actions