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Search the market. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream search the market. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

covered market 69
Meaning of the dream: reflection and readiness

local market 14
Description: casual encounters

central market 55
Interpretation of the dream: risky actions

market 63
Translation: find an environment suited to their ability, you will get good results

bull market 31
Dream description: succeeded in resolutions

crowded market 54
Meaning: visits to relatives

greengrocer market 12
Translation of the dream: adaptability and fortune

farmer's market 61
Interpretation: moral wounds

veal market 40
Sense of the dream: new interests

chicken market 14
What does it mean: friendly meetings

stop at the market 43
Meaning of the dream: job that will not come never rewarded

citrus market 61
Description: next trouble

pork market 33
Interpretation of the dream: energies to good use

large market 66
Translation: tenacious resistance opposing

grocery market 9
Dream description: physical forces on the rise

market Square 26
Meaning: surprises with money

fish market 19
Translation of the dream: support to be given

Flower Market 1
Interpretation: unpleasant criticism

turnips market 5
Sense of the dream: decisive action

market of beasts 63
What does it mean: postponement of a trip

go to market 31
Meaning of the dream: friendly relations

buy at the market 68
Description: Pleasant surprise

sell at the market 86
Interpretation of the dream: energy and vitality

fruit at the market 85
Translation: big profit

fishmonger at the market 20
Dream description: great friendliness

cabin at the market 28
Meaning: rivalry

Street market 29
Translation of the dream: economic improvement

to market currency 57
Interpretation: dexterity and danger

search for 42
Sense of the dream: torments

search for a person 74
What does it mean: judgments little goals

search the pockets 56
Meaning of the dream: floating assets

search flea 8
Description: you yourself go in into trouble

search keys 87
Interpretation of the dream: love for novelty

search for an object 47
Translation: imaginative wishes

search for the father 50
Dream description: fortitude

search for the mother 32
Meaning: creative spirit

money in the stock market 18
Translation of the dream: happiness conquered

speculate on the stock market 69
Interpretation: hidden enemies

search a man 71
Sense of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

search for thieves 1
What does it mean: heavy duty

search a woman 12
Meaning of the dream: impediments and delays

search for a family 49
Description: brilliant location

search for a friend 28
Interpretation of the dream: supports important

seek portfolio 14
Translation: momentary embarrassment

search for an escaped convict 22
Dream description: Danger averted

seek employment 72
Meaning: to overcome grievances

look for relatives 89
Translation of the dream: brilliant location

searching someone 17
Interpretation: repressed desires

seek refuge 55
Sense of the dream: serious disputes in family

search for brother 78
What does it mean: incoming correspondence

People search 74
Meaning of the dream: hasty judgments

seek recovery 10
Description: contrasts secrets

looking for a needle 43
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness and nervousness