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Scissors weapon. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream scissors weapon. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

weapon 63
Meaning of the dream: deceit and treachery of friends, even illness

use weapon 77
Description: wrongdoing

assault with a weapon 5
Interpretation of the dream: chatter dangerous

hang a weapon 13
Translation: good friendship

cutting weapon 31
Dream description: hassles passengers

noble weapon 88
Meaning: money matters well under way

ancient weapon 16
Translation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

sharp weapon 1
Interpretation: strong division

stab someone with a weapon 18
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties and meetings unwelcome

threatening with a weapon 76
What does it mean: imprudence with consequences

weapon of war 44
Meaning of the dream: restlessness unjustified

use musket (weapon) against someone 66
Description: bad hope

weapon room 63
Interpretation of the dream: serene balance

shoot weapon 45
Translation: malicious gossip

cocoon of weapon 68

sheath with weapon 52

marring weapon 63

weapon on a coat of arms 24
Interpretation: travel plans

Lily noblest weapon 33

look scissors 58
What does it mean: violent desires

scissors 8
Meaning of the dream: will end a business relationship or a friendship

use scissors 87
Description: violent

sharpening scissors 45
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous proposals

Scissors for embroidery 70
Translation: excessive demands

Scissors for nails 16
Dream description: frequent moves

scissors of the tailor 65
Meaning: original ideas

scissors Gardener 2
Translation of the dream: aid to an elderly person

scissors surgeon 42
Interpretation: rebellions unnecessary

silver scissors 22
Sense of the dream: unexpected support

large scissors 45
What does it mean: never trust placed

scissors routes 37
Meaning of the dream: moments of depression

scissors do not cut 46
Description: indifference sentimental

find scissors 2
Interpretation of the dream: confusion for too many projects

tip scissors 70
Translation: inner conflict

shearing with scissors 28
Dream description: projects to materialize

sheath by scissors 56

blade of scissors 66

steel scissors 81

scissors gold 24

Surgical scissors 42

blacksmith scissors 62

embroidery scissors 20

small scissors 81

scissors broken 17

big scissors Tailor 18

broken big scissors 60

Stainless steel scissors 49

buy weapons 44
Interpretation: anger

They face with weapons 45
Sense of the dream: slander

arsenal of weapons 6
What does it mean: guarantee for the future

destroy weapons 25
Meaning of the dream: luck

travel with weapons 35
Description: take a wife

handling of weapons 68
Interpretation of the dream: lawsuit

collection of weapons 44
Translation: pride and pride

guard weapons 10
Dream description: difficult situations

pack weapons 41
Meaning: need distension

pile of weapons 3
Translation of the dream: big big dreams

hide weapons 52
Interpretation: isolation and boredom

provide weapons 57
Sense of the dream: irreconcilable contrasts

handling weapons 43
What does it mean: luck with a woman

weapons 1
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment of their wishes

collect weapons 1
Description: squabbles interest

download weapons 49
Interpretation of the dream: impulsive temperament

fool around with weapons 31
Translation: interior revolt

seize weapons 11
Dream description: head shots to avoid

trophy weapons 22
Meaning: to strengthen relations

sell weapons 44
Translation of the dream: serious disagreements

misuse of weapons 40

piling weapons 52

workshop of weapons 3

brandish weapons 88

chest with weapons 22

board weapons 68

import of weapons 90

carry weapons 12

burst of weapons 59

kill with weapons 16

sharpening weapons 4

piercing weapons 29

craft weapons 87

imperial weapons 51

concealed weapons 6

prohibited weapons 15

stolen weapons 43

escort weapons 29

ship weapons 66